PerfecDraw cigar tool…where have you been my whole life?!


PerfecDraw Cigar Tool

The PerfecDraw is a must-have tool for all cigar smokers.

Plugged cigars are the bane of all cigar smokers. It’s frustrating trying to smoke a stick that won’t even pull enough air to light the foot; and this can happen to any cigar regardless of price, size, or point of origin. I’ve tried all kinds of tools to remove tightly bunched tobacco from the head of a cigar that wouldn’t draw…small screwdrivers, shish kabab skewers, tooth picks, but nothing ever worked. Then I saw my friend Paul pull out this “thing”, and with one motion totally clear the draw of his plugged perfecto. I was gobsmacked! That “thing” he used is the PerfecDraw Precision Draw Adjustment Instrument & Nubber (aka the PerfecDraw). Of course I had to order one, and upon its arrival, was immediately impressed.

It arrived in a box reminiscent of something you’d get from the Apple Store. Glossy white, with a magnetic clasp, and the tool itself comes nestled in a perfectly fitted foam slot. Upon removal, the PerfecDraw feels heavy for its size. It looks like a narrow, high quality ink pen that has been well fabricated from black anodized steel. The tool itself is screwed into a sheath, and here again, the machining is impressive. Once the tool is exposed, a set of gnarly teeth is revealed at the pointed end of a slender stainless steel rod. The PerfecDraw is designed to be inserted into the clogged head of a cigar, then gently withdrawn. In doing so it grabs just enough tobacco to create an air passage. It’s crazy how well this tool can open up the draw of a cigar while removing only a small amount of tobacco. Sometimes one insertion is enough, sometimes a second, deeper probing is needed to get a sufficient draw. In either case, I have been able to unplug every cigar to which I applied the PerfecDraw. Of course, you have to be careful not to pierce the wrapper.

Since buying the PerfecDraw, I have successfully unplugged a number of cigars. This has allowed me to enjoy my investment and never again worry about encountering a “brick”. That plugged Monte #2?…no problem; that tightly wound solomone?…piece of cake!

Let’s face it, cigar maintenance isn’t easy. We pay good money for cigars and have to keep them well humidified. We have to baby our babies, and the last thing we want to deal with is a cigar that doesn’t draw. The PerfecDraw addresses an issue that has plagued cigar smokers for ever, and done so with a great design, solid materials, and nice packaging…and all at a price of about $30. I love this thing and wish I had known about it years ago.

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  1. Rob Levine

    Joe: Both Paul and I own and use this tool regularly. It has saved more $$ in cigars than it cost!! Great item.


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