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(Suggested) Good cigars with low street prices:

  • Estella (Creamy, all Nic. blend, aromatic, honey, cashews, hint of spice…great morning cigar.)
  • La Bomba Atom (Strong Nic flavor that cuts through after a day of cigar smoking; black pepper, herbs, long finish.)
  • Aging Room M356 (Intense Dominican flavor; white pepper, nuts, honey).
  • Los Hermanos (rich fruity tones, espresso, black pepper. The big, fat Gordo is an opulent smoke).
  • The Judge by J. Fuego (Intense maduro flavor, black pepper, espresso, sweet finish).
  • Cuba Libre One Robusto (medium strength; notes of raisons, coffee, semi-sweet chocolate; creamy finish, perfect burn).
  • Nica Libre (strong, complex, rich flavor, raisin, dark chocolate, medium spice, slightly dry finish).
  • Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet (medium strength, good complexity, Cuban-like aroma and complexion, slight wood, fruit, caramel, pleasant finish).
  • Gran Habano 3 Siglos (mild-medium strength, moderate complexity, easy draw, caramel, spearmint, aromatic, clean finish).

7 Responses to “Sources For High Quality Cigar Bargains”


    Has anyone ever bought from ? I have done a lot of searching online and they always seem to have the lowest price on the cigars I look up. I just want to know why it isn’t listed above since they do have the lowest price on boxes of cigars. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Robustojoe

      Perhaps you mean They are not listed because I have not previously heard of them. Why don’t you order from them and let us know how it goes? Any new source for cigars with good service and prices is always welcome.

      • SuperSniperSal

        Hey there Rubusto’, I found them, they are listed under “Higland Cigar Company out of Atlanta Georgia. Looks like some sort of private club, with not much available on the website. They seem to deal mostly with there own brand. Yes they promote their own line of stogies. That is all i could find.


    • SuperSniperSal

      Helllo Mark, Never have even heard of, but i will give them a look see. Have you ever tried Atlantic Cigar. They have always worked for me, consistently lower pricing. Cuban Crafters always seems to have the best variety and deals on accessories; cutters, ashtrays, humidors, etc, etc. Thanx for your input!


  2. TseNagi

    Iv’e been able to afford some of my higher priced cigars that I get @ the Famous smoke shops auction site, I get to try out a lot of cigars that I am courious about with the Five-packs that are offered, I get some of my everyday “Bundled cigars” there too. The Imperials are some of my favorites I think they are a blend by the folks over @ the Gran Habano factory.

  3. TseNagi

    There is this site that will direct you to several of the online cigar sellers and their daily deals Etc…I check it every day almost like a ritual. I got some really good deals on cigar combos,


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