Dry Boxing: Best Cigar Smoking Tip Ever!

Not just for traveling.

There is nothing like a moist, fragrant cigar.  The wonderful aroma we sense upon opening our cigar humidors is mouth-watering to a cigar lover.  But sometimes that aroma can indicate we are getting too much of a good thing.

Long term cigar storage needs to be in the 68% to 72% RH range (at a temp close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit).  But that moist environment can cause some cigars to burn poorly.  Additionally, an overly moist cigar can have a bitter taste giving the smoker the wrong impression of its quality.  This is where dry boxing comes in.

Keeps a weeks worth of smoking

Dry boxing is the practice of placing cigars in an un-humidified container prior to smoking.  By doing so we allow the sticks to shed excess moisture, leading to a better burn and flavor.  The duration of time in the dry box will depend on the container being used and finding the right vessel for dry boxing is crucial.

I have found the best dry boxes are those plastic cigar “road cases” sold by most cigar dealers.  Chances are you already own one.  I recommend putting a few cigars in the case and smoking them over the course of the following week.  These road cases work well because they contain some moisture but allow the cigars to stabilize to perfect smoking condition.  I discovered this when I noticed how well my cigars were smoking while on vacation.

I do this regularly and find that it makes a huge difference.  I recommend everyone give it a try.

2 Responses to “Dry Boxing: Best Cigar Smoking Tip Ever!”

  1. Will


    I have always used a small seasoned unhumidified cedar travel humidor for dry boxing.
    I read this article a week or so ago and did not give it a lot of thought. Last night when I opened the trunk to put my future son in laws suit case in, I found a 5 slot hard shell caddy left over from the Christmas road trip last week.
    I took out a Don Pepin Serie JJ robusto and fired it up when I got home. Smoked perfectly after exactly one week in the case. You may be on to something.

  2. BParatore

    Hmm, I stress over whether I’ve stored my cigars correctly in the humidor or not. I’ve forgotten a few cigars in my travel case a couple times and in a panic would smoke them as quickly as I could. Some were all dried out and fell apart while smoking, others were just fine. When I’ve over purchased the capability of my humidor I”l set some overflow in a Tupperware container or the travel case. I then smoke them first.


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