Puros Indios 2012: Best of both worlds


Puros Indios 2012, formerly the Limitado (left), Miami Limited (right).

I have often written about the virtues of mild cigars and how flavorful these everyday sticks can be.  That’s because I smoke many different cigars, of many differing strengths, and often find myself reaching for a cigar that doesn’t require stamina to enjoy.  Mild cigars give us the opportunity to sit back and contemplate the universe, uninterrupted, for the entire length of the stick, any time of the day.  For a morning smoker, that is a particular pleasure.

I have also observed a race-to-ratings that has fueled a competition to make the strongest cigars ever.  This has produced some great product but has also challenged the palates of many smokers.  But this is not a criticism, just an observation, and this strength competition has also pushed the boundaries of cigar flavor like never before.

With the advancement of cigar strength and flavor, we cigar smokers now expect an elevated level of satisfaction.  Our palates have not only been educated, but also conditioned to expect a burst of flavor with each and every puff.  Bland is no longer an option in a humidor full of flavor bombs.  But must a cigar be strong to have  tremendous flavor?  This may have been true in the past, but these days the choices for flavorful yet mild cigars is expanding like a tobacco leaf in the Central American sun.

What the heck is this?

I recently had the pleasure of trying a prototype cigar under the name Cuba Aliados Miami Limitado.  I was initially confused because its name was so similar to that of a cigar already in production, the Cuba Aliados Miami Limited.  The truth is these are quite different cigars.  First of all the Limitado is box pressed while its counterpart a standard parejo.  But the biggest difference is in its strength.  The Limitado is a mild-medium smoke while the Limited is bordering on the powerhouse.  After some communication with Reyes Family Cigars, the maker of the Cuba Aliados lines, I have come to learn that the prototype Limitado will soon be released under the name Puros Indios 2012.  This is good news and here’s why:

For me the 2012 (Limitado prototype) is an exceptional cigar.  This is the first time I have smoked a mild-medium cigar with flavor normally associated with that of a much stronger blend.  Strong, well-fermented and blended cigars have a certain flavor profile that seemed, up to this point, to be exclusive to cigars with an abundant ligero content.  But in the case of the 2012, its complexity and “big” flavor belies its tranquil persona.  If the typical mild cigar were a string quartet, the 2012 would sound like a full orchestra.  It’s got a woody sweetness, a touch of spice, and nut-like toasty quality that doesn’t diminish as the cigar is consumed.  But what makes this cigar most special is its illusion of strength.  It tastes strong but never gives that nicotine hit.  This is a special blend for sure.  If you are familiar with the Cuba Aliados Miami you know it can pack a pretty good punch.  The 2012 is almost like a Cuba Aliados Miami “Lite”…similar flavor but without the power.  This is a cigar I could smoke all day, everyday.


Those who crave strong, aggressive cigars, with a lot of balls, will probably not appreciate the 2012.  It’s a cigar that gets sweeter as it progresses and does not build in strength as it is smoked.  It’s not earthy nor highly spiced and this stick won’t make you sweat.  If that’s what you like I recommend the original Cuba Aliados Miami Limited.  What the 2012 offers is a similar, but scaled back flavor profile in a cigar that can be smoked any time of day or as an evening cigar.

One last thing…  the big flavor of the 2012 could serve as a transition cigar for newbies who want to make the jump to a more full-flavored experience.   It fits right between the scary world of powerhouse cigars and the comfort zone of mildness.  If you have shied away from strong cigars but want to get the feel of what that experience might provide, the Puros Indios 2012 is a good place to start the next leg of your cigar journey.  It’s a trip worth taking.

Puros Indios 2012, a gentle giant.

Brand: Puros Indios – 2012

Release date: TBA

Factory: Reyes Family Cigars – Miami

Blender: Rolando Reyes

Vitola: Robusto 5 x 50 (box pressed)

Wrapper: Habano

Flavors: Cedar, nuts, cream, caramel.

X Factor: 9.6

Finish: Smooth, sweet, and creamy

Strength:  Mild – Medium

2 Responses to “Puros Indios 2012: Best of both worlds”

  1. Mike

    My Father was in Miami today and actually met Enrique Reyes at the Puros Indios Factory/Store Front. He was an incredibly nice guy and gave my dad a hat, ashtray, and about 20 cigars which he refused to take money for. What a guy! out of the 20 he even opened the box press to give him cigars that they just started making that dont even have a name yet! Can’t wait to try one. Along with those he gave him two other cigars. The Cuba Aliados Miami Limitado like you have pictured above but also a Puros Indios Limitado. My father didnt get much info on the actual sticks from Enrique, but do you know if both of these Limitados are the same blend or are they 2 completely different blends? Anyone have info? I can’t find anything about Puros Indios Limitados online.

  2. Mike

    I actually just got a response from the Reyes Family Cigar Facebook page. Here’s the differences: Different blends. Aliados is pure Nicaragua wrapper/binder/filler. Indios has Nicaragua, & our homegrown Honduran tobacco as filler. The new Puros Indios will also be box-pressed.


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