Behold the 11mm cigar punch!


The large aperture of the 11mm cigar punch.

Ok, I’m probably late to this party, but I recently saw someone use a cigar punch unlike anything I had seen before. It made a hole considerably larger that the punches I had been using. This appealed to me because my small punch seemed to concentrate tar deposits that affected the cigar’s flavor. Plus, I felt the draw was sometimes compromised when compared to a guillotine cut.


The Lotus Cyclops is well-designed and works great.

After a quick internet search, I purchased a Lotus Cyclops 11mm Cigar Punch from (I have no affiliation with them). I have been using it lately and am happy with the results. The punch keeps the cap intact while providing a large opening for good draw. At under $25, this cutter has become a useful alternative to my usual guillotine cutter. Of course a punch cutter will only work for a standard Parajo. A Figurado would still require a guillotine cut.

If you like using a cigar punch, and have not yet tried the 11mm version, I highly recommend getting the larger version. It could be more of a good thing!

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