Explosive Flavor: the 601 La Bomba Atom Cigar.

Okay, okay, I know…I’m late to this party.  But better late than never, and I’m sure glad I showed up!

Light the fuse and back off!

Light the fuse and back off!

The 601 La Bomba cigars have been around for a while, and I had forgotten about the two sticks buried deep in my cigar closet.  They emerged last week while going through my inventory of singles.  While preparing to freeze all my loose sticks (I had bug issues), I noticed these unusual cigars with long pigtails.  Along with their bright yellow foot-bands, these things begged closer inspection.  Upon removal of the cello, a beautifully pungent tobacco aroma filled my senses.  It reminded me of that wonderful cigar factory smell I had just experienced while visiting DR.  This was the invitation I needed to finally smoke these unusual looking cigars.  And that intense tobacco smell was only the prelude to a truly memorable cigar-smoking experience.

The 601 La Bomba vitola I was about to smoke was the Atom.  This 5.5×46 stick is a traditional corona size.  In my experience, the corona is usually the most potent blend in a cigar line.  I had no idea that the La Bomba was a strong blend, but looking back, the name now seemed an obvious clue.  And it didn’t take long to discover why this cigar was called La Bomba…it packs a wallop.

A strong ash demonstrates its great construction.

A strong ash demonstrates its great construction.

Call the bomb squad!

Similar in appearance to a stick of dynamite, the La Bomba cigars have a pigtail that looks like a long fuse.  It stretches half the length of the stick, and visually sets it apart from other cigars.  Being purely ornamental, I broke it off before cutting the tightly wound cap.   Once placed in my lips I could immediately taste a spicy, intensely herbal character that made my mouth water.  This is always an indicator of a worthy cigar.  The first few puffs confirmed my suspicion.

The La Bomba is made in Esteli, Nicaragua at the My Father Cigar Factory.  Its blend is 100% Nic tobacco and it’s loaded with ligero leaf.  The Habano wrapper glistens with oils, and the rich dark color of its blend, serves to foreshadow a rich smoking experience.  Upon lighting, the true character of this outstanding cigar is immediately felt.  With loads of black pepper spiciness, and a strong tobacco presence, this is not just another Nic puro.  It’s got a unique sweetness that offsets its intensity.  At first it comes across mellow, but gradually builds in strength.  An inch into it, this cigar reveals its high-octane blend.


A small cigar with big flavor.

A small cigar with big flavor.

This costs how much?!

I have droned on and on about the arbitrary nature of some cigar prices, and no cigar can prove my point better than the La Bomba.  The brainchild of Erik Espinosa & Eddie Ortega, the La Bomba is a cigar that could command a premium price.  But a box of ten is only $45.  At $4.50/stick, the La Bomba out-performs cigars three times its price.  The burn is perfect, the construction flawless, and the consistency of flavor from stick after stick is superb.  I loved this cigar so much; I bought a second box to put away for aging.  I know I’m going to smoke this cigar at every available occasion.  But the La Bomba is not an everyday cigar.  It is best enjoyed late in the day, after a morning smoke.  It’s got the kind of intensity that can cut through a whole day of smoking, and still taste fresh.

Why a Joe’s Gem?

I smoke a lot of cigars, and it is rare that I hit a clunker.  These days, just about every cigar I smoke is good.  But when something truly outstanding comes along, I have to shout its praises.  The uniqueness of the La Bomba is obvious to all who smoke it, and this is what makes it a true gem.  But newbies beware; this cigar could knock you off your feet.  Even experienced cigar smokers may need to proceed with caution.  Trying to smoke it in one sitting is a challenge.

The bottom line.

If you love strong, Nic puros, with extra spice and intensity, the La Bomba is for you.  But be warned, this cigar is as powerful as TNT, with flavor that is dialed up to eleven.  So put on your flak jacked and light one up.  It will blow you away.

The specs:

Brand: 601 La Bomba

Vitola: Atom (Corona) (5.5×46).

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano (colorado-maduro).

Binder: Nicaraguan.

Filler: Nicaraguan.

Flavors: Pepper, herbs, rich tobacco.

Manufacturer: My Father Cigars.

Blender: Erik Espinosa & Eddie Ortega.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua.

X Factor: 9.8

Finish: Peppery and intense.

Strength:  Full, very full.

Price: $4.50

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