Padron 1926 Series No. 2 Belicoso Natural – tasting notes.


Paul 88 – Box pressed, milk chocolate wrapper, minimal veins, some bumpy spots, some soft spots, barnyard aroma on the wrapper, and dark fruit on the very easy draw. First 1/3: Malt, floral notes, lots of medium body smoke, draw tightens up and is very good, cigar continues to smoke profusely while sitting in the ashtray, very light gray ash, slightly scalloped burn line, medium plus strength, medium body and finish. Second 1/3: leather, malt, flaky ash, multiple cuts at the foot due to tar even when smoking very slowly, dark fruit, draw loosens, chili pepper nasal napalm on the retrohale, I won’t do that again. Last 1/3: Medium plus strength, medium body and finish, floral notes return, leather, smooth finish.

Rob 93 – The cigar shows a light brown mottled wrapper. It has a slight oily sheen and a bit of tooth. There are tight and completely invisible seams. Very earthy aroma coming off the foot. Its wrapper appearance reminds me of a Cameroon stick, but based on its shape, box pressed, I would highly doubt that it is. There is a beautiful blunt ended cap on this stick, and a slice off the cap yields a perfect draw. The weight of the cigar seems a bit light, however, the pack is quite firm and there are no soft spots. Let’s get it sparked up: there is a ton of smoke being produced. At the half inch mark we are nicely heated up. I am getting a creamy marzipan with an accompanying tickle of white pepper. Its aroma is soft and meaty, reminding me very much of a Habano Montecristo Number 2! At the one inch mark, the white pepper has kicked up a notch, however, not overpowering at all. The burn is razor sharp, which doesn’t surprise me as the pre-light construction looked perfect. There is a nice white ash, which held on until the 1 and 1/2 inch mark, and fell in a sold chunk. The smoke of the foot is very slight, but the draw yields a very substantial cloud. The cigar has a nice long finish, with a slight bit of mint coming off the retro hale. At the 1/3 point still remaining, another 1 and 1/2 inch chunk of ash dropped off in one piece. Nice! A woodsy flavor has swept over my palate along with the white pepper which is still hanging on. The mint is still there on the retro hale. The stick is staying remarkably cool and smooth, even at this point. I completely enjoyed this delightful smoke.

Jim 91 – Medium brown robusto that appears to be really hand crafted meticulously. Box pressed and firm to the squeeze and rolled with a nipple cap to easily snip this cigar and to begin my journey. Very easy draw with ample amounts of initial smoke. Immediate white peppery finish in the back of my throat as I start out. Starting to develop cocoa, leather and spice flavors as it begins to heat up. Burn is razor sharp and straight while the ash is firm. White peppery spice lingers on the palate well after the draw. Strength is medium-full. I am really enjoying this cigar. It is well made cigar with the burn almost flawlessly straight and the ash lasting past 2 inches before dropping off. Spice has mellowed after the halfway point and I feel it has improved. The flavors are nicely balanced. This cigar held up down to the nub! A great experience!

Artie 91 – With a flawless colorado wrapper, a pointy cap (a kind of closed pigtail if you will…), and a square press, this corona looks terrific. The wrapper is silky smooth like fine swede. The cold nose is tangy/barnyard. Once lit, the firm draw produces a lot of smoke and a slow burn. With a lot of in-your-face black pepper spice, I anticipate a full bodied smoking experience. An inch in, this cigars is burning like a dream, with an intense leather flavor. Mid way through, the cigar gets a nasty bite to it, as well as a charry finish. I’m hoping if I power through it, I will be rewarded with some new, more delicate flavors. The second half of this stick remains spicy, but the tar-like finish remains. However, the cigar has kept my interest and has leveled off in terms of its bite. And it is quite strong. At the nub the leather gives way to a dark, unsweetened bakers chocolate note that is not my favorite flavor component. But some my appreciate this intense cigar, particularly after a heavy steak dinner. The excellent construction and burn raised my point value.

Will 87 – 5.5 x 52 belicoso with a milk chocolate wrapper, lots of veins with a very pronounced rounded nipple head, densely packed. The cold nose has lots of pepper with a faint ammonia scent. The cold draw is a chocolaty pepper and thankfully no ammonia. Upon ignition I am getting lots of oak and leather on a long finish. This cigar is burning well with lots of smoke. The flavor remains consistent but very little progression. The strength tells me that this has lots of Nica ligero but it is missing something for me. A solid smoke but no wows.

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