Obsidian Robusto – tasting notes.


Artie 86 – The vitola of this cigar is hard to describe. It’s somewhere between a toro and a robusto (a fat corona?). Anyway, it an interesting looking stick, with a toothy, mottled wrapper that is dark brown and shiny. I would guess it’s a LFD. I’ve heard Litto Gomez uses mineral oil to give his cigars a sheen. The cold nose has a strong lavender scent and the construction looks top notch although the cap is crude. The stick is very hard with no soft spots. This made for a clean guiotinne cut. The cold draw tastes sweet and there is good draw. Upon lighting the first impression is a good one. An even burn with a solid ash illustrates that indeed this is a well constructed cigar. Sweet flavors of honey-roasted peanuts are prominent. As the cigar progresses, the burn remains solid, and a meaty quality emerges. I’m liking the smoothness of this cigar, and so far it is not overpowering. Mid way the flavors don’t change much, but it’s a pleasant cigar to smoke. At the nub, the cigar turns bitter and the finish is unpleasant.

Paul 94 – Very oily wrapper, dark maduro color, medium veins, some black mottling, very light tobacco aroma, well done cap, very firm draw, and dark fruit. First 1/3: Leather, oak, pepper, very difficult draw opened up with the PerfecDraw tool, light gray ash, light amount of thin smoke, medium strength, light body, medium finish, even burn, dark fruit. Second 1/3: Medium amount of smoke, complex deep flavors, oak, leather, pepper. Last 1/3: Dark fruit appears, leather comes and goes, even burn, medium strength, body, and finish.

Will 86 – Fat robusto with a dark colorado wrapper leaf that is very veiny. Sloppy 2 seam cap. Firmly packed. Cold nose was sweet toasty tobacco with a hint of earth. Cold draw was the same. I used a double v-cut and sparked this one up. Initial taste was black walnuts with a sweetness on the finish. About 5 minutes in I am getting subtle hints of cocoa powder and the finish is sweet chocolate malt. Nice cigar with a medium body and strength level. Well made but no wow factor. Would not turn it down if offered but not box worthy.

Jim 93 – Medium brown in color but it has a glistening oily wrapper. Slightly floral in smell. Densely rolled and just asking to be smoked! In the very initial light, I immediately get cocoa flavors and a slight nuttiness. I am really enjoying this cigar as it begins to heat up. At this point it is already a nicely balanced cigar with a flavor I can only describe as rich chocolate brownie. There’s a slightly leather finish that compliments the overall flavors. Burn has been very level with a firm ash crown. At the halfway point, this cigar is transitioning adding a slight bakers spice and the chocolate flavors are getting stronger and richer combined with some espresso flavors. This was a really good cigar and a great experience. Every once in a while you get a cigar that when you first light it up, you immediately know that its going to be good. This one was definitely once of those times.

Rob 83 – A general bitterness upon lighting this oscuro wrapped stick. This is a full size toro, with a slightly light feel to it. Smoke output is not over the top, and I think there might be more desired. The first third saw the bitterness fade, but flavors replacing it were somewhat muted and almost non existent. The burn was wavy, but not enough to require any repairs. The second half stayed pretty much equivalent to the first, with not a ton of flavor nor aromas.

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