Guaimaro Robusto – tasting notes.


Paul 95 – Dark box pressed rough toothy wrapper, medium veins, no soft spots, light tobacco aroma on the wrapper, excellent draw with dark fruit. First 1/3: Malt, toasted tobacco, coffee and cream, medium amount of smoke, razor sharp burn line, very light gray ash, medium strength, body and finish, creamy, smooth, great balance, some floral, mild retrohale. Second 1/3: More of the same, but same is very good, more smoke. Last 1/3: Balanced, smooth, excellent to the last puff. I Isaiah’d it. A beautiful stick. 

Rob 95 – We have a mottled dark brown wrapper, somewhere between maduro and oscuro appearance. There are tight invisible seams with a very sloppy double cap. The stick is extremely firm and resulting a slightly tight draw. Hopefully this will improve as the cigar heats up?? On light up, there are gobs of tobacco flavored smoke. At the stick heats up, there is a mild chocolate flavor with a slight black pepper tingle across my tongue. At the 1/3 mark the smoke maintains a mild but smooth chocolate and black pepper flavor with a reasonable finish. There is a wavy burn, but not bad enough to require a correction. At the half way point the black pepper has faded. We still have a nice chocolate mouth coating, but a hint of baking spice has entered the flavor wheel. I am still getting a very full smoke production. In the last third: the black pepper returns and coats my tongue with quite a long finish. Really like this cigar; it was never bitter, was very smooth the entire burn and the flavor transitions were very nice.

Jim 94 – This box pressed maduro has a deep rich brown color. Very firm and densely rolled. Initially I am getting some rich espresso flavor with a spicy cinnamon like finish. The burn is very even and firm. The flavors are really developing and getting more rich. At this point I am being introduced to some dark unsweetened chocolate mixed in with the original espresso. The spice really mellowing out. Strength is definitely full. The after taste of this cigar really hangs on your palate but it is very enjoyable. Initially I thought this cigar would get too strong and possibly muddy. I was so wrong. It is very well balanced and thoroughly enjoyable. I am very impressed and want more!

Artie 85 – This is a maduro, box pressed corona that is as hard as a rock. The wrapper has a leathery feel and is quite smooth. Its cap looks well constructed and cuts easily with a guillotine. Once cut I can see lots of stems which may contribute to its rather tight draw. In spite of this, the cigar burns well right from the start, with a nice symmetrical ash. The initial flavors are bitter chocolate and charcoal. These flavors continue throughout the length of the stick, with the addition of a cinnamon spice note. However, as the cigar progresses, a tarry buildup starts to happen in both flavor and residue. At the nub, I can rub brown stuff off the cap with my finger. Not an enjoyable smoking experience.

Will 87 – Dark box pressed stick with cold nose and draw that had lots of black pepper, two sneezes. Well made and copious amounts of smoke. Flavor was hickory and leather with a faint mineral finish. Again, very little progression in flavors but I enjoyed this stick none the less, it was missing something but I nubbed it.

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