Eiroa by Christian Eiroa – tasting notes.


Paul 92 – Light dull brown wrapper, with medium veins and a very rough cap, no soft spots, very faint tobacco aroma on the wrapper, light tobacco flavor on the excellent draw. First 1/3: malt and toasted tobacco, good amount of smoke, light gray ash, sharp burn line, medium plus strength, medium body and a long finish, solid ash. Second 1/3: Oak, malt, toasted tobacco and faint cedar, excellent burn and draw, medium strength and body and a long finish. Last 1/3: Oak, a hint of cinnamon, some tartness, great burn and draw, much here to hold your interest. A very good cigar.

Rob 92 – Cigar has a colorado wrapper on a robusto body. It is dull with no oil sheen. Tight invisible seams with minimal veins, topped by a somewhat sloppy triple cap. The body yields a spongy feel with an average weight. This cigar is very average in appearance; looking forward to seeing how it smokes. At spark up there is a nice draw with generous smoke generating a charred bitter tobacco flavor. At the 1/2 inch mark, the stick has mellowed and has no bitterness. There are plumbs of smoke generating a flavor combination of leather and hay. The smoke is very cool. The burn is razor sharp with volumes of smoke, albeit, only from the foot. The smoke is still very smooth, and has a medium body with little strength. As the cigar continues down, there is still no spice nor pepper at all. There is a very long finish that coats my entire palate. It did require several relights towards the last inch, however, the smoke remained surprisingly cool. The flavor profile was consistent throughout the cigar.

Jim 90 – Seems to be a robusto with a Connecticut shade wrapper and a triple cap. Nice construction with some tactile veins prominent on the wrapper. First initial draw billows with smoke and immediate flavors hitting the palate. Smooth and creamy caramel with bakers spice on the first couple draws. As I continue on, I am getting both a salty and sweet characteristic. Burn is straight and ash is firm. I am detecting a slight milk chocolate flavor and way more of a cinnamon spice finish now. My initial view of this cigar (by just appearance) was that it would be a mild smoke but this cigar is really packed with interesting flavors. This cigar was good from the very beginning until the very end which definitely impressed me.

Artie 94 – This cappuccino colored robusto has an unblemished wrapper that shows no veins at all. However, it did have two bits of tobacco scraps that were stuck to the outside of the stick that I needed to remove. Once that was done, the cigar looked a lot more enticing. The cap is very sloppy but the foot shows good bunching. The cap stood up to the guillotine and the draw is wide open. The cold nose if that of well-fermented, rich tobacco. The initial flavors are peppery and nutty. Roasted walnuts come to mind. One inch in, the ash is a perfect cylinder and the burn line is only slightly wavy. This cigar wants to burn and puts out a ton of smoke. It’s very well constructed. At the halfway point, I’m really enjoying this cigar. It’s quite strong and I’m feeling the Nic. hit, but it’s not overpowering. The spiciness has mellowed, but the flavor has increased. There has a meaty saltiness, augmented by herbal notes of oregano. At the nub this cigar is smooth and delish. I was sad to see it end. A really good cigar.

Will 83 – 5×52 robusto with a light tan wrapper that is most likely Ecuador Connecticut and quite possibly the ugliest triple cap I have ever seen on a premium hand rolled cigar. The stick is firmly packed and the cold nose gives me white pepper and 2 sneezes. The cold draw is fruity and airy. Once lit I am getting a dry almond past finish and about 5 minutes in I am getting a malty nutty tangy profile. This cigar has lots of chewy smoke that coats my mouth but it is seriously drying my mouth out. About 20 minutes in the smoke becomes dry and acrid and burns my eyes. Officially Artied .

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