Cusano 18 Year Natural Robusto – tasting notes.


Artie 78 – This cigar has the oddest looking wrapper. It’s tan with a matt finish, no sheen at all, and has veins that are light yellow. It doesn’t even look like tobacco. The construction of the stick looks good and the thing’s got a nice draw. Upon lighting I get a sour, grassy taste that is unappealing. Smoking it is easy and the burn is dead even, with tons of smoke. It’s going fast and in no time I am at the halfway point. Here I’m getting pretty awful flavors of bathroom cleaning materials. I’m not going to torture myself any longer and I’m putting it down. This is the worst cigar I’ve ever smoked, bar none.

Paul 85 – Light tan, dry wrapper, some large veins, several soft spots, light mottling, light tobacco and oak on the cold draw. First 1/3: Oak, coffee and cream, malt, medium amount of light bodied smoke, good draw, even burn, a little black pepper, medium gray ash, mild retrohale, mild plus strength, light body, short finish. Second 1/3: leather and oak, coffee and cream gone, very thin fragile wrapper, mouthwatering, medium strength, light body, medium finish. Last 1/3: Oak, solid ash, gets too bitter to continue at 2” left. Simple, quick burning, light smoke until the bitter ending.

Will 78 – Very light tan wrapper, almost looks yellow on this robusto. Cold nose was straight barnyard as was the cold draw. Upon ignition I got a very unpleasant taste of moldy mushroom soup. I let it sit for a a couple of minutes and tried again, same horrible flavor with a wet dog finish. I have smoked Dutch Masters with better flavor than this. I would not smoke these if they were free. Yuck.

Jim 87 – This cigar has a light brown Connecticut shade wrapper on this robusto. Veins from the leaves are predominate and you can see the seems of the rolling and even some stretch lines on the wrapper leaves. Easy draw and lots of creamy smooth smoke as I light up. Starting out with very mild toasted bread like flavor with hint of vanilla and a very slight white pepper spice finish fighting to get noticed. Slightly wavy burn but mostly level with a firm ash crown. This little cigar is interesting. Now about 1-1.2 inch in the flavor is shifting and I am definitely tasting licorice. I normally like a stronger cigar but I still found this very different and somewhat interesting in flavors and transitions.

Rob 89 – Stick has a light creamy brown wrapper with an oily sheen. Invisible tight seams with virtually no veins. Double capped. Light up of the cigar was very easy. There is a bright white ash with a smoke yielding a bitter slick across my tongue with a fairly long finish. Draw is a bit tight. At the half inch line the bitterness is completely gone. I am left with a soft reasonable amount of smoke, a razor sharp burn line and flavor of toasted nuts with a touch of toasted marshmallow. At the one third mark, the ash is bright white and still hanging on with a very straight burn. Long finish with a medium body. A black pepper is coating my mouth with a consistently firm draw… At the one half mark, the pepper has become milder. The bright white ash is still hanging on. However, the burn line has begun a slight tunneling. With just the last third left, the ash fell off. The burn line has self corrected itself. Pepper is completely gone, and the smoke is back to a smooth mouth coating. A slight pepper returns to join a toasty taste.

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