Cornelius and Anthony Cornelius Corona Gorda – tasting notes.

Cornelius and Anthony-Cornelius Corona-Gorda

Paul 87 – Light brown wrapper, very smooth, minimal veins, no soft spots, light tobacco aroma on the wrapper, richer at the foot, good cold draw with floral notes. First 1/3: malt, grass, slight black pepper, excellent draw, medium amount of wispy smoke, medium gray ash, even burn, oak, medium strength, light body, medium finish, dryness in the mouth, slight burn on the floral retrohale. Second 1/3: malt, grass, oak, peppercorn, burn goes wonky but self corrects, medium strength, body and finish. Last 1/3: Grassy with some bitterness, no other changes, several relights.

Rob 74 – We have a nice oily brown wrapper with a few veins and tight invisible seams. Nice medium pack, but a restricted overly firm draw. At the 1/3 point the smoke is average with a prominent bitter flavor on the palate and average finish. The burn is way off, and quite squiggly. At the 1/2 burn through the stick, most of the bitterness has subsided and become subdued, however, at this point, not much in the way of flavor, and the bitterness has worn out my palate, and the stick is being ‘Artied.’

Jim 90 – Medium brown and smooth wrapper on this well constructed corona cigar. Immediately after lighting up I am hit with very favorable baking spices, like biting into a warm spice cake muffin. As it heats up the spice mellows and blends but still has that baking spice flavors but now more like an Italian biscotti with a slight anise (or black licorice) finish. Right now I am thinking this would make an excellent breakfast cigar. Burn is slightly uneven and ash is flakey. About an inch in, this cigar is starting to pick up some real strength. The baking spice profile continued throughout this cigar. In the second half I started getting more of a zesty pepper finish. I gotta say this is one of the more interesting and different cigars I have had in a while. Favorable, well balanced and very interesting.

Artie 93 – With a strong barnyard aroma, and its pale brown wrapper, this corona looks quite enticing. But when the wrapper split upon cutting, I was thinking this was not a good way to start a cigar. I was pleased, however, to find the draw unobstructed and lush. Lighting is easy and this cigar puts out a lot of smoke. On the outset, flavors of salted nuts are present, with a nice burnt sugar finish. At first I thought this cigars was going to taste generic, but instead, it builds in flavor once you get into it. Hints of cardamom and clove appear at the mid point, and the burn is dead even. The complexity is off the charts on this one. I’m also picking up notes of leather, black tea, and mint. At the nub this stick never gets bitter, remains smooth and creamy, and delivers everything I want in a good cigar…great balance, complexity, and it’s not overpowering.

Will 89 – Nice looking corona gorda with a tan wrapper. Cold nose was nutty and light pepper, cold draw was the same. Upon ignition the initial flavor was a light mocha with cashew. Lots of smoke from this well rolled stick. The finish was long and oily that coated my tongue. The burn line was razor sharp in a light breeze and the ash held firm in 2 inch chunks. The flavor was solid without much variation but it did get creamier as time went on. A good first cigar of the day and if available in a larger size would be great on the golf course. I nubbed it.

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