Alec Bradley Tempus Natural Centuria – tasting notes.


Paul 83 – A mottled medium brown reddish toothy wrapper with several soft spots, minimal veins, dark fruit, rich tobacco and barnyard on the wrapper, raisins, molasses and dark fruit on the cold draw, perfect resistance on the draw. First 1/3: Leather and malt, medium amount of light bodied smoke, flaky medium gray ash, scalloped burn, mild retrohale, medium strength, light body and medium plus finish, ash falls at ¼”, smoke volume picks up. Second 1/3: Creamy and smooth, leather, burn begins to canoe, draw tightens up, flavors begin to fade, some malt and light toasted tobacco. Last 1/3: Draw loosens some, medium strength, light body, short finish, some passing pepper on the lips, the flavors disappear with about 2” left. It started well enough, but began to fade midway through.

Rob 82 – What a nice looking churchill cigar. Great triple capped maduro wrapper with tight invisible seams, however, some quite noticeable veins running the length of the cigar. It has a slightly oily and bumpy wrapper which is carrying with it an intense barnyard aroma. After using my Perfect Cut guillotine cutter, the draw is so tight that it making the cigar almost non useable. It is requiring me to use my ‘Perfect Draw’ appliance to make it smokable. Light up is generating a nice chewy smoke, more than adequate from both the foot and cap. At the 1 inch point, the burn has gone a bit wonky. Smoke is smooth, but not terribly flavorful. The body of the stick has gotten very warm and a bit soft. Right now the cigar is leaving me wanting some flavors! I am half done with the churchill; and the cigar is still smoking very well. There is still a wonky burn, but not severe enough to require a correction. Unfortunately, there is little substance coming from the smoke, both on my palate and retro hale. With 1/3 of the cigar remaining I feel that there has been and will not be anything to offer taste wise. I am wasting my time on this cigar and it is being Artied!

Jim 90 – This is a nice looking and well rolled 7 inch medium brown cigar. Appears to be well packed with tobacco so this might take some time to smoke! The initial smoke is very interesting. Very savory reminding me of smoked meat with a very slight black pepper finish. As it heats up the smoke is getting a creamy smoothness and I’m actually getting excited about this cigar by these initial flavors as the evolve. Slight leather flavor on the draw followed smoke hickory combined with some unsweetened cocoa and the slight pepper finish. Burn is going uneven and ash is flakey (I had too even out early on). However, flavors are well balanced and I’m really enjoying this so far. Even the after taste is savory and tangy on the palate. The draw does take a little effort but not distracting. About a third of the way in the flavors are less intense but still very enjoyable. The unsweetened cocoa is now more predominate and peppery spice is almost gone. I just passed the halfway point and this cigar is definitely different than the first half. The cigar started out with rich and creamy combined with savory flavors and was a more medium-full cigar. The cigar has continued to mellow out and is more of medium in strength. Now the flavor profile is coffee and semisweet dark chocolate with a smoothness (but not creamy). Two different cigars in one. This smoked for over 2 hours! I enjoyed the first half better but it was still enjoyable until the end. I really liked it!

Artie 92 – This cigar is long and lean. It’s a churchill with a colorado brown wrapper and it feels smooth and silky in the hand. The bunching looks good and the cap is solid. Cutting is easy with a guillotine, but the draw is a bit tight. That being said, it lights easily and puts out abundant smoke. Right away, notes of cinnamon and cola are presented. This is not an overpowering, super peppery type of cigar, and I’m glad for it. The trend for that last decade has been towards big, bold, spicy, and strong cigars. I prefer a more balanced smoke, and this cigar suites me just fine. At the mid way point, notes of heavy cream come into play, and the cigar is quite delicious. However, in an effort to open up the draw, I find myself chewing the head of the stick to get the tobacco to expand. This works, somewhat, and I’m able to get big mouthfuls of flavorful smoke. To the nub, this cigar was exactly what I like…well balanced, complex and nuanced. With an easier draw, the overall score would have been higher.

Will 88 – Good looking Churchill with a dark leathery wrapper leaf, a few visible seems, well packed but not overly so. Cold nose was barnyard with some spice, one sneeze. Cold draw was similar with a touch of sweetness. Upon ignition I am getting a nuttiness, cashews actually with lots of chewy smoke. The flavor is consistent with an oaky finish. As the cigar opens up I am also getting a semi sweet chocolate raisin flavor that is delicious. Flavor is pretty consistent as we enter the second third, a few minor burn issues as the stick begins to canoe, a little touch up with my torch and all is right. I enjoyed the flavors in this stick but it got pretty soggy in the final 3rd so I let it go at the one hour mark with a couple inches left. Solid smoke but no wow factor 

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