601 Red Label Habano Torpedo – tasting notes


Paul 94 – Milk chocolate brown wrapper, minimal veins, no soft spots, rich tobacco aroma on the wrapper, nice torpedo cap, dark fruit on the easy cold draw. First 1/3: Graham cracker, oak, leather, very light gray flaky ash drops at ¼”, medium amount of thin smoke, medium strength, light body, medium finish, Second 1/3: initial flavors fade, now malt, toasted tobacco, straw, and grass, center of cigar concave, burning faster than the outside, scalloped burn, hint of grapefruit. Last 1/3: Graham cracker and malt continue, medium strength, light body, medium finish, anise fades quickly, very smooth and pleasant smoke with several distinct flavor changes.

Rob 86 – This is a dull chocolate brown torpedo. It has tight completely invisible seams. No apparently visible veins on the wrapper. It is somewhat light in weight, but has a firm pack with no soft spots. The wrapper is giving off hay and a mild barnyard aroma. After cutting, the pre light draw is perfect. Upon sparking up: there is a mild smooth chocolate flavor. No lighting char bitterness at all. At the one inch mark, still a perfect draw, with lots of smoke. The chocolate has faded to just a smooth tobacco flavor. I’m at the half way point…the burn is fairly straight. The flavor has shifted to an entirely smooth charred tobacco. Not bitter, but definitely burning tobacco. Draw is still perfect. With just an inch left, the stick is getting a bit warm, so I’m ending. It still has a one dimensional smooth burning tobacco flavor. There has been good smoke output, and the draw has remained perfect throughout the entire smoke. It was an enjoyable smoke, but I am disappointed that the flavor has been pretty much consistent, and not fantastic.

Jim 84 – This appears to be a medium brown meticulously rolled torpedo. After lighting up, I’m initially getting a creamy smoke with leather and white peppery spice finish. Burn is really straight but ash is very flakey. Draw is excellent. As it heats up I get notes of coffee and chocolate, and this cigar is beginning to show some promise. The spice has mellowed and is starting to blend well with the other flavors. However, overall, this cigar is pretty mellow and seems to be getting more mellow as I progress. As I get to the midway point the flavors have really flattened out. I getting more of a bread like pretzel flavor combined with burnt marshmallow with only a slight hint of spice on the finish. It just doesn’t have the richness in flavors I look for in a cigar. As I head into the final few inches, I am getting a grass like flavor that just hangs on my palate. I think its an OK cigar that more suited for the novice smoker or someone who prefers very mellow cigars.

Artie 92 – This torpedo is soft and squishy, with a point that is somewhat collapsed and crooked. It looks quite under-filled and is light in the hand. It does, however, have a nice barnyard aroma and the wrapper is blemish-free and light brown. As anticipated, the draw is wide open. Cold draw is that of mild tea and is somewhat sweet. The first inch or so burns evenly, with a sweet earthiness. There is a significant presence of white pepper. The ash is firm enough to hold its own, but I roll it off to avoid making a mess. With tighter bunching I might have risked a longer ash. Approaching half way, the pepper has picked up but is not overpowering, along with a creamy quality that is quite pleasant. An abundant amount of saltiness is present, and this cigar reminds me of a spicy Cuban Monte #2. Interestingly enough, as I approach the nub, this cigar is actually getting sweeter. I’ve never experienced this before. Usually, a cigar tends to get more bitter as deposits accumulate in the stick. Not this time. Very interesting. Now I’m getting caramel, and toasted marshmallow. At the nub, this cigar delivers enough punch to be a very satisfying smoke. With great flavor transition, this cigar was a real treat, in spite of my initial misgivings.

Will 91 – 6.2 x 52 torpedo with a lovely tan wrapper, lots of veins, tight but visible seams. Cold nose was toasty tobacco and cinnamon toast, one sneeze. Cold draw had a tangy citrus taste on the tongue. Lots of fragrant smoke upon ignition that had essence of pistachios and lemon peel. The construction of this cigar is top notch, a razor sharp burn and a perfect draw. About 15 minutes in the flavors are blossoming and the finish has floral notes and semisweet chocolate. This cigar is medium bodied and just a bit past the medium mark strength wise. At the 35 minute mark the flavors are still consistent but the strength ramps a bit. I really enjoyed this smoke, no wow factor but a solid stick.

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