Arghhh, white fuzz!

Trouble in Paradise?

Cigar mold can be the scourge of a cigar collection, and building a Cigar Closet was supposed to protect my sticks from such harmful maladies. Yet here I stand, scratching my head and wondering: why have some of my cigars grown mold?  The closet’s RH is rock steady at 70% with the temp. hovering around 70 degrees.  By most accounts, this is near perfect cigar conditions.  Yet all is not well.

After much thinking and experimentation I have called in a mold inspecter and sent some samples to the lab.  After I get the results, and have spoken to the experts, I’ll be making a full report of the events. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon, and my cigars can, once again, rest undisturbed.  Stay in touch for an upcoming article.

Happy smokes,


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