Are you a Nubber?

Cigar Nub

To nub or not to nub, that is the question.

Life is full of mysteries.  Like, why do some cigars taste good all the way to the nub, while others turn bad about halfway through?  I tend to walk away from a stick if this happens, never to return.  Do you “plow through” the bad part in hopes of the cigar regaining its lost luster?  I’m curious to hear what everyone has to say about this.



7 Responses to “Are you a Nubber?”

  1. Ken Glass

    Joe, if the cigar is tasting great, I will smoke it till it is burning my fingers. If a cigar does not taste great at first, I will give it to about the first third, and if it does not get better, I will throw it. I have a cheap cigar made by Tony Alvarez that tastes bad to me, for about the first inch, then it tastes like a Cuban Ramon Allones. Funny thing about taste, huh?

  2. Todd K

    I never plow through a bad area…I call it quits. If I didn’t, it might ruin several days of smoking pleasure for me. I tend to have taste bud memory.

  3. Tom Poppelreiter

    It’s rare that I’ll put one down for poor flavor. Usually a little purging and/or slowing down the rate I’m smoking will help with bitterness. I will usually be finished when it gets to hot to taste it anymore. Part of the allure of smoking cigars to me is how the flavors change as the burn progresses.
    Yes I am a nubber! My friends say it’s because I’m just to cheap to put them down.

  4. TseNagi

    I tend to give it a chance up to maybe a third after that I lay it to rest Then I lite up one that I know will not disapoint me.The new cigar takes away the bad after-taste from my mouths tastebuds. I thought the ? was how far down do we smoke a cigar.well sometimes I get hold of a killer cigar that I just don’t want it to end so I wind up going all the way down to a “Roach size”nub. I’ll sharpin a stick match to a nice point and use it to finish it off without burning my fingers.(Heavy sigh, I know I can light another one but thats just me being me)

  5. Grisanty

    It has to be one hell of a vitola for me to nub it! After the two thirds point, if it is an 8 or better (scale of 10), I will smoke it to the nub, anything less will be discarded.

  6. Chuck

    No I let it die a natural death. One of my favorites is bitter and hard to keep lit past the last 2inches.


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