Padilla Artemis Toro – tasting notes.

Padilla Artemis Toro

Artie 93 – This box pressed toro has a sweet and pungent pre-lit aroma. Heavy in the hand, it has a good firm feel for a square pressed cigar. The veiny wrapper is milk chocolate brown with a leathery feel. The cap cuts easily with a guillotine, and the draw is perfect. The first inch is creamy with a hint of black pepper. Hints of fennel and caraway are present. Further in, a minty quality emerges as the spice picks up. The ash makes a perfect cone, and the burn requires few touch ups. This illustrates excellent construction for a square pressed cigar. At the mid point, the cigar remains ultra smooth and creamy, with the flavors melding together in a harmonious way. Towards the nub, this cigar stays delicious and smooth. Great cigar.

Will 88 – 6 X 54/56 , triple capped and well packed for a box press, Dark reddish wrapper with light veins, dry nose is spicy barnyard, I punched this stick with a figure 8 and the dry draw was baking spice with red pepper.  On lighting I got leather and char with a citrus finish.  In a light breeze the uneven burn corrects in less than 2 minutes. I am getting an oak campfire taste with meat. This cigar is smoking well, I suspect entubar construction??  About 20 minutes in the flavor has progressed a bit to include black cherry and orange peel, the dirty black ash holds on in 2 inch chunks. I like this cigar but no wow factors.

Rob 89 – Stick is a box press with completely invisible seams.  Very dull, non oily matt brown wrapper.  From initial light through the entire cigar, the smoke was very creamy with medium smoke output.  It did not require any re-lights and performed quite well with a fairly sharp burn line.  The first third yielded a somewhat nutty flavor but had no spice at all.  At the halfway point, some black pepper kicked in but was gone by the end of the second third.  The final third did not have any transition, and actually got quite boring.

Jim 91 – Appearance is nice, neatly rolled and box presses.  Very clean appearance and med-dark coloring, Initial draws are producing some rich and full bodied smoke. Picking up a slight peppery finish on the back of my throat.  As it heats ups I detecting flavors of nuts, raisins, leather and nice black peppery finish.  I am liking the balance of these flavors. Medium in strength. The burn is very even and the ash is firm (holding on despite breezy afternoon). Past the halfway mark and this cigar is holding up! Burn is still very sharp and draw is great.  The pepper spice has dropped off. However, it is still a very well balanced cigar. I really enjoyed this cigar!

Paul 97 – Mottled brown oily wrapper with small veins, very faint barnyard aroma on the wrapper, tobacco and cocoa aroma at the foot, loose draw.  First 1/3: Lots of smoke, draw tightens to very good, medium strength, finish and body, scalloped burn, the flavors come alive, cocoa, wood, and leather, rich deep flavors, medium grey ash, very balanced, spice and smoke coating the palate.  Second 1/3:  Great room aroma, chocolate, leather and coffee, lots of smoke, here comes more spice, lots of smoke, burn self corrects.  Last 1/3:  tremendous amount of smoke, deep flavors of chocolate and leather.  A chocolate bar of a cigar that delivered in spades.

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