Mi Querida by Dunbarton Ancho Corta – tasting notes.


Paul 91 – Dark brown maduro color, smooth wrapper, cold aroma dark fruit and cocoa, solid as a tent peg, excellent cold draw. First 1/3: Hay, malt, a little spice, cocoa, and charry notes, good amount of smoke, even burn, medium strength and body, short finish. Second 1/3: hints of dark fruit and earth, deeper flavors. Last 1/3: More dark fruit, medium strength and body, short finish. Some flavor changes that held your interest.

Will 85 – Solidly packed robusto with a dark colorado wrapper. Cold nose coaxed 2 full bodied sneezes from me, red pepper and alfalfa, cold draw was red pepper and cinnamon.Initial draw is tight with muddled flavors, a few minutes in this stick opens up and I am getting roasted venison and malty peaty finish. The profile remains the same, well made but average on the flavor.

Rob 89 – The stick has a dark brown oscuro wrapper with minimal veins and invisible seams. There is an odd massive double cap and a very shiny oily wrapper. Although the cigar is very very firmly packed, it has a normal weight and feel to it. The initial draw is a bit firm, but within normal expectations. A very vegetal pre-light flavor; almost like eating green vegetables. On light up and toasting; It starts with a charred tobacco flavor…hope it fades!! As the stick starts to warm up, it shifts from very very firm to pliable (reminds me of a Roma Craft charateristic). The initial bitterness passes quite quickly, and starts emiting a vegetal/hay essence. The retrohale is very nice; a warm earthy smell. Smoke output is very good. The stick started to generate a wiggly burn line with a very white ash. The smoke is coming through quite warm into my mouth. Half way through now and nuts are coming to the forefront of the flavors; both taste and retrohale. I’d rate the stick at a solid medium plus. The burn continued to be a bit wiggly, but did not require any touch ups. The smoke is still quite good, and it has a very mellow essence to it with quite a long finish. With an inch left, I am about ready to finish. The warm smoke from the beginning of the stick has noticeably cooled off, and a cedar taste and aroma has taken over the smoke. I found this to be quite and enjoyable cigar.

Artie 98 – The wrapper on this robusto is dark brown, shiny, toothy, and with visible veins. Its foot shows good random bunching the cap is nicely formed. The cold nose is that of sweet, well fermented tobacco. With a firm draw, the initial flavors are baker’s cocoa, anise, and pumpernickel bread. Like cigar #4, this stick also has a perfectly formed ash, that doesn’t want to fall. This is a well constructed cigar. Halfway in, this cigar really picks up strength. After a short break, I’ve picked this stick up again. I’m loving this cigar. Loads of flavor. At the nub I’m getting a nutty goodness, with a great finish of mint, black pepper, ginger, and all sorts of terrific flavors. I’m box bound!

Jim 80 – This densely packed robusto has a nice darker brown wrapper. Initial draws were creamy and smooth. As it starts to heat up, I’m getting a combination of savory and spice (like a red pepper) in the front end. After a good inch into the cigar the peppery spice has really dropped off. Flavors of coffee, a tangy raisin taste and very slight cinnamon finish. The burn has been very straight and the ash firm. Draw is excellent. Passing the halfway mark and this cigar has changed. Strong earth flavors have begun to dominate and its is starting to taste very muddy. Very disappointing. This cigar had promise but really fell off in the second half. I gave up could not finish it.

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