L’Altelier Surrogates Bone Crusher Robusto – tasting notes.


Paul 85 – Dark maduro color toothy wrapper, no soft spots, rough cap, tobacco and dark fruit on the wrapper, easy draw. First 1/3: Oak and malt, good amount of smoke, mild retrohale, uneven burn, flaky ash. Second 1/3: Medium strength and body, short finish, uneven burn, oak, mild floral flavor on the retrohale. Last 1/3: Burn corrected, medium plus strength, medium body and short finish, no flavor changes.

Will 84 – Big fatty with an almost black wrapper, prominent veins and a poorly applied triple cap. Very dense and hard. Cold nose was very spicy, 2 sneezes. Cold draw was dark roast coffee and dirt. Very dense smoke that is harsh through the nose. Leather and more leather with a bit of chocolate malt. Burn is very slow and crooked but self correcting in zero breeze. The dirty gray ash is flaky and falls off like a sandwich cigar in 1/4 inch increments. By 10 minutes in the leather is joined by Raisinettes but the leather still rules. This is the longest burning robusto I think I have ever smoked, 60 minutes in and still have 2.5 inches left. Let it go at 90 minutes, decent but uneventful stick.

Rob 82 – Stick has an Oscuro dull wrapper, with some veins and visible seams. The cap is triple topped, however, somewhat sloppily adhered. Pre-lit flavor and aroma yield a sweet earth. The stick is rather firmly packed, however, has a reasonable pre light draw. On lighting, the flavor and aroma are a massive barnyard/earthy concoction. One inch in, a bittersweet chocolate became predominant, with a sweep of black pepper. At this point, the stick is medium strength. At the half way point, not significant change other than the fading of black pepper on the palate, although still detectably present on retro hale. Last third faded to only muted earth. The last inch ended the smoke, as it became completely flavorless. Good start, but poor finish.

Artie 92 – With tons of great barnyard aroma, this dark brown robusto has a rich cold draw that is open and inviting. The stick is heavy in the hand and has a firm feel. The first few puffs present loads of black pepper, with dark chocolate notes. An inch in, the ash is perfectly cylindrical, and the cigar is burning nice and cool. Mid way, the flavors transition to a meaty mix of walnuts and marzipan. The burn is absolutely perfect. At the nub, the pepper remains intense, but the stick remains smooth and delicious. This cigars has lots of flavor.

Jim 89 – Dark brown wrapper with the veins distinct and visual. Right off the bat I am getting some deep espresso flavors with an earthy finish and a white pepper spice left on the tongue. After an inch in, the flavors are blending together well. The spice has almost totally dropped off. Ash has been firm, jagged burn but level. In the second half the earthy flavors became way more dominate as well as the espresso was strong and rich. The burn went uneven and I had to level off. Definitely a full cigar. I do like this cigar but I know this might not be for everyone.

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