Il Ridotto by MoyaRuiz Biribi Robusto – tasting notes.

Moyaruiz Biribi Il Ridotto Robusto

Rob 88 – Cigar is a smooth light brown stick which is nicely triple capped. Very easy light and burn. Wrapper has somewhat large veins and tight invisible seams. The smoke’s flavor and aroma stayed consistent throughout 60 minute experience; it was a fairly fast burning stick. It yielded a leathery and wood flavor, with just a touch of spice through the retrohale. The stick did stay relatively cool throughout the entire burn.

Paul 80 – Medium mottled medium brown wrapper with many small veins, oily wrapper, leather and tobacco aroma on the wrapper, no soft spots, very loose cold draw, sweet tobacco flavor. First 1/3: Easy draw, good amount of smoke, malt, hay, light gray ash, scalloped burn line, mild plus strength, light body, medium finish. Second 1/3: burn corrects, tartness, charred oak, light pepper on retrohale, flaky ash. Last 1/3: ash flowers, mouth dryness, Medium strength, body and finish, turns bitter, off flavors, becomes un-smokeable with 2″ plus remaining.  

Will 88 – Classic robusto with a nice triple cap, nice dark tan wrapper that seemed overfilled. The cold nose was baking spice heavy on the nutmeg. Once clipped the aroma was horsey barnyard. Once lit the cigar had a fine draw and I got leather and oak. The finish was an effervescent lemon peel. Reminds me of Anganorsa tobacco. Flavor pretty consistent and joined by roasted nuts at the 10 minute mark. Medium body, medium strength. The cigar gets a bit stronger as I smoke it, and the flavors get stronger especially the salty leather. A good solid cigar, no wow factor but enjoyable. At the 35 minute mark it starts getting harsh so I let it go.

Artie 92 – This robusto looks well made. With a milk chocolate brown wrapper that is smooth to the touch, it has nice heft in the hand. The triple cap is nice and tight, and the foot shows no stems. Its cold aroma is pure, sweet, “barnyard”. An inch in, this cigar is smooth, with notes of white pepper, cappuccino, and roasted nuts. Towards the middle, the burn is perfect, and the complexity increases. Although this cigar isn’t unique, or have outstanding qualities, it is a very enjoyable smoke. I find myself wanting to relight it when it goes out, and its pleasant finish is most enjoyable. The flavor holds up to the nub, and this mild cigar would be great at breakfast.

Jim 89 – Looks like we have a medium brown wrapper on a firmly packed robusto. Visually construction looks very clean and well rolled. Immediately after lighting, I’m picking up flavors of semi-sweet cocoa. As it heats up, I getting more earthy flavors and notes of coffee and cinnamon in the finish. Burn is quite wavy but relatively even. Nice draw and ample smoke. Hitting the halfway pint and this cigar has been enjoyable. Well balanced. The cigar held up well, stayed consistent to the nub. Nothing unique but still a very good cigar.

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