Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo Toro – tasting notes.

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo Toro

Rob 91 – The cigar has a wonderful silky smooth light brown wrapper. No prominent veins and tight and invisible seams. Its body is on the soft spongy side. It has a triple cap. Very easy light and starts with a creamy sweet smoke. At the 1 1/2 inch point, the wrapper started cracking, even under the band!! Flavor is light coffee/milk chocolate with a good smoke output. It is a solid medium body. The flavors held throughout the stick until the 1 inch point. It then began putting out some white pepper with a very long finish. At this point it got too hot to continue.

Paul 87 – Mottled light brown caramel colored wrapper, small veins, a few soft spots, slight tobacco aroma on the wrapper, cold draw excellent, sweet tobacco. First 1/3: coffee & cream, sweetness, slight pepper spice, lots of smoke dark gray ash, even burn, medium strength and body, long finish. Second 1/3: coffee and cream, spice disappears, nasal burn on retrohale, not as creamy as first 1/3, oak, anise, medium strength and body, long finish, great draw. Last1/3: short lived citrus, medium finish, some tannins and bitterness with about 2″ left.

Will 84 – This cigar had issues from the get go. It had soft spots and hard spots and seemed to be poorly rolled. Very barnyard on the cold nose. I punched this cigar and lit up. Initial flavor was peanuts and leather with lots of smoke. Mild and tangy with s fizzy citrus finish. The flavors kept my interest but I’d swear this was a mixed filler cigar, the ash dropped off in very small increments and the burn was horrible, after having to continually touch up, I set it down and let it go out. I then took my scissors and cut away the charred area and as i expected pulled out a 3 inch stem. I relit and made the best of it. I kind of enjoyed the flavor progression and would like to smoke another one for comparison. Lost a lot of points because of the construction.

Artie 85 – This is a really pretty cigar. Tall, tan, and lovely like The Girl From Ipanema, it is soft to the touch and only slightly mottled. It has a nice triple cap, and the foot reveals few stems. The cold nose is that of sweet tobacco. Upon ignition, the cigar lights easily and produces lots of smoke. The ash is somewhat flakey, but keeps its shape. Initial flavors include cedar, white pepper, and leather. Mid way, this cigar is starting to get boring. It tastes okay, but it’s not making me want to smoke it. I think I’m done with it.

Jim 79 – Appears to be a light brown and well rolled wrapper on this Toro cigar. Strength is starting off mild. Initially I am getting some light peat flavor with a caramel and cedar finish. Burn is relatively straight. Draw is good and smoke is ample. As I get about and inch in I am getting predominate woodsy flavor and a sharpness I can only describe as pencil “sharpenings”. Strength is definitely on the mild side. Ash keeps falling off on it’s own at short intervals (my ashtray is clean, my shirt is dusty). Its been OK until I reach the halfway point but I’m starting to get a strong raw leather and burnt wood aftertaste that isn’t pleasant. The balance is really off. In the last third I am really just barely enduring this cigar in any hope for some improvement but it’s not happening. Disappointing experience.

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