Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Shark – tasting notes.


Rob 88 – Cigar has a smooth brown wrapper and almost no veins. The seams are relatively invisible. This is a box pressed pyramid cigar, which is firmly packed and has a beautiful appearance. There is a slight cinnamon aroma wafting up from the stick pre-light. The cigar has a perfect draw, and upon light up, there was no trace of the cinnamon or any other spice, just a relative tobacco essence. The smoke is both oily and creamy, and is a very slow burn. There are tons of silky smooth smoke, however, not tons of flavor. There are scant moments of berry and fruit, but more just a constant nice tobacco flavor. The burn has gone completely wonky and required a major relight/repair. The last third of the smoke is still incredibly smooth and plentiful. Burn has straightened out and is now perfectly sharp. This is a very nice cigar, but nothing of a flavor bomb in any way.

Paul 88 – Severe box pressed cigar, medium chocolate brown wrapper, minimal veins, a few soft spots, nice cap, rich tobacco aroma on the wrapper, dark fruit and cocoa on the cold draw. First 1/3: Cocoa, coffee & cream, malt, grass, medium amount of very thin smoke, ash drops at 1/8”, light gray ash, slightly scalloped burn, mild plus strength, light body, and medium finish, mild retrohale, grass fades. Second 1/3: coffee, cocoa and a little sweetness, center core is burning much slower than the tobacco near the outside edge even though it is being smoked slowly, flaky ash, some grassy notes return then fade quickly. Last 1/3: Very smooth finish, coffee and cream to the end. A very smooth smoke that holds your interest.

Jim 88 – Medium brown box pressed torpedo. Wrapper is lifting and coming off but may be a handling issue. Initial lighting of this cigar, the draw is good and smoke is very smooth and savory. The flavors left on my palate on the finish of the cigar sort of a remind me of smoked beef jerky. The savory flavors continues as it heats up and about an inch in I’m now getting some added flavors of soft pretzels and dried fruit. There is a nice creaminess to the smoke. Burn is relatively straight and ash is firm and staying on strong. Strength is slightly above a medium body. Flavors are well balanced and are staying very consistent. Not much change until the last third where it did turn a little sour. Not a complex cigar but a real good cigar and a nice experience.

Artie 93 – This cigar’s a funny lookin’ fella. It’s square pressed but with a torpedo cap. And it’s fat and short with a colorado colored wrapper. The foot reveals a loose pack of pure tobacco leaves…no stems at all. Cold nose as a nutmeg thing going with a bit of tartness. Lighting comes easily with a loose draw, and in no time the smoke is pouring out of it like Three Mile Island but without the radioactivity. Before I know it I’m an inch in, with an almost white ash that is flakey and crumbles off the end. Once warm the stick gets very “squishy” but that doesn’t bother me…the cigar has tons of white pepper and herbal notes and is quite smooth. Halfway in, I’m finding this cigar to be very lush, with a silky smooth draw and a nice finish that coats the palate. Near the nub I’m getting a meaty taste, like a rich, medium rare Wagu ribeye. The burn was even, but I needed to relight often as it tended go out if left unattended for brief intervals. But overall, this is a super tasty cigar, one I would look forward to smoking again.

Will 97 – Absolutely beautiful cigar with a one of a kind shape. Lovely colorado wrapper with few visible seams. The Cold Nose is sweet hay with cinnamon and a touch of white pepper with the cold draw adding cardamom and honey. Upon ignition this stick’s perfect draw produces warm cinnamon toast with just a hint of pepper. The cigar is well packed and produced lots of dense smoke. Very smooth and creamy with red pepper on the retrohale. At about 5 minutes in I get a sweetness that reminds me of a warm apple fritter, very comforting and the flavor remains sweet and chewy throughout. I am really trying hard to not rush through this smoke but it is so delicious I can’t put it down. The smoke is dense and chewy and with no bitterness, I use the little spike on my Xikar scissors to impale this cigar so I can nub it. Best cigar I have smoked in the last 6 months. Fuller side of medium strength wise.

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