Draconian Smoking Ban in CA City

I can’t believe it has come to this.  In San Rafael, a California city near San Francisco, residents are not allowed to smoke in their own homes.  The San Rafael City Council approved the ban unanimously.  According to Jane Warner, the association’s president and CEO  “This legislation will improve the health of all Californians by reducing exposure to smoke that drifts into housing units from balconies, patios, and other units”.  Being a resident of California, I had no idea the air pollution in LA was from folks smoking in their houses in San Rafael!  Gimme a break!

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2 Responses to “Draconian Smoking Ban in CA City”

  1. Rob

    It is prevalent throughout California, and unfortunately growing. Santa Monica CA doesn’t allow smoking in an apartment building, as the smoke could drift from one unit to another. On a trip to Costa Rica this past May, I brought some cigars to smoke during the relaxing evenings. Unknown to me: smoking only allowed on private property within the entire country of Costa Rica – smoking not allowed on any hotel properties or public restaurants or locations. No matter where we go now, the smoking laws are either non existent or completely overdone. There seems to be no middle ground coming in the future.

    • Tavo Trippe

      Just enjoyed a cigar and a 30-yo Centanario rum on my bday, Jan 2016, in an open-air smoking hut in front of the Real Intercontinental in San Jose, CR! Maybe the law has changed or isn’t enforced everywhere…!


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