Aladino Maduro Robusto BP – tasting notes.


Paul 86 – Two tone wrapper with the leaf at the foot several shades lighter than the deep brown wrapper at the head, toothy, medium veins, several soft spots, rough cap, slight barnyard aroma on the wrapper, rich tobacco flavor on the cold draw. First 1/3: Toasted tobacco, white pepper, note of mint, medium amount of thin smoke, medium gray ash, hard flavors, slightly uneven burn. Second 1/3: Toasted tobacco and white pepper remain, pepper on the retrohale, medium strength and body and a very long finish. Last 1/3: Toasted tobacco, white pepper fades, malt, tart. Muddled flavors. Very average. 

Rob 89 – This is a non-oily maduro cigar taking the shape of a rounded robusto. It is fairly light for its size, but has a snug draw; not sure why as it its soft body is not overfilled. There are tight invisible seams with minimal veins. It sports a sloppily added double cap and has a slight barnyard aroma coming from the foot. There is a nice volume of smoke on spark up; both from foot and v-cut cap. I am getting a faint dusting of black pepper on both my tongue and during retrohale. At 1 inch, the pepper is still in the retro-hale, but very much softened on my palate. I’m getting a gentle creamy milk chocolate tone on my tongue. Smoke has diminished a slight bit, but then quickly returned. The soft body of the cigar is still yielding a slightly snug draw, with a fairly good burn. As the cigar burns down to half way, the black pepper is slowing building back. At the half way point, the pepper is back real time! The cigar is still offering a smooth creamy smoke, a tick below medium. The smoke has gotten warm, with the chocolate fading from milk to bitter sweet. As I finish up smoking, the cigar got very warm. The winding up flavors morphed into an unsavory, unpleasant muddy consistency. A bit disappointing after such a nice job up ’till now. At 1 and 1/2 inch left, the cigar was Artied.

Jim 94 – Nice dark maduro robusto that is boxed pressed. The cap has been applied sloppily and there some defects on the wrapper. The initial smoke is rich in flavors, that of a classic maduro cigar with chocolate and coffee flavors and only a slight peppery finish. Burns is razor sharp and ash is firm. As I get about an inch in, the spice of the cigar is really developing some addition baking spice flavors. The cigar is well balanced and has a medium to full body. Going past the halfway point and the cigar has transitioned. Spice has mellowed out and is has a slight presence now. The chocolate and coffee flavors are very dominate and actually very delicious. It is leaving a very savory flavor behind on my palate. I am really liking this cigar and I am impressed. I smoked this down to the nub because it was worth every inch!

Artie 97-This is a box pressed petit corona of rich color and aroma. It’s a maduro for sure, and true to its name, it smells like ripe, dried fruit. The wrapper has a rough texture but is void of any blemishes. Will may not like it for its quite squishy. He hates soft cigars. We will see when the results are tallied. Anyway, back to the review… The cap cut easily without collapsing; the draw is firm. The first inch is a spicy experience of black pepper and a multitude of rich flavors. This is a very complex smoke. It’s herbal, it’s floral…it’s almost too complex to fully comprehend. The underlying sweetness offers notes of figs and dates, while its savory side brings herbs de Provence to the palate. Halfway, I’m impressed with how much flavor this cigar keeps delivering. It’s something to smoke with a steak in the evening, not in the morning over breakfast. With a perfect draw, dead-on burn, and overall great construction, it’s hard to find a flaw in this outstanding cigar. It’s not for the mild cigar lover for sure, but it you like a rich maduro, this cigar is for you.

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