Bigger is better…the 80 ring gauge cigar cutter.

Cuban Crafters 80 gauge Cutter

The 80 gauge cutter

A few years ago, I reviewed a variety of cigar cutters. At that time, large diameter cigars were becoming popular, and the 60 ring gauge cutter could accommodate those cigars. Today, that trend has continued, and cigar ring sizes have now grown so big that it can be tough to wrap your lips around them. The good news is, if you like super-fat cigars, there is a must-have cigar accessory for you…the 80 ring gauge cigar cutter.

I first tried one at a cigar lounge, not because I needed to cut a fat cigar, but rather to see how well it would cut a small corona. To my surprise, this oversized cutter performed so well, I knew I had to own one myself. The large opening and blades cut my cigar cleanly, and without squashing the cap. I have sometimes been frustrated by cutters that compress the cap, even with blades that are razor sharp. I’ve observed this happening when the cigar comes in contact with the housing of the cutter blades. With an 80 gauge cutter, the opening is so large that the cigar touches only the blades.

The first 80 ring cutter I bought was the Vertigo Big Daddy. I got it from Amazon for $7.95. This worked well for a while, but the blades were so thin they got pitted from cutting through the random tobacco stems found in most cigars. This happened after only a few weeks, and rendered the cutter useless. Going back to my smaller cutters only served to show how much better the big one had performed. At that point I knew I needed a higher quality replacement.

Cigar cutters compared

The 80 gauge (left) and 60 gauge (right) Perfect Cutters side by side.

My go-to cutter has always been the Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter. Browsing their website, I was delighted to see they made one in an 80 ring size. Upon its arrival, I immediately put it through its paces. From lancero to gordo, all cut cleanly and to the perfect depth. And I know from experience that the Cuban Crafter guillotine cutters last for years, and come with a lifetime warranty. This is the only cutter I now use, and all my others sit in the drawer.

At a price of $24.99, the 80 gauge Perfect Cutter is one cigar accessory I appreciate every time I smoke. I recommend it to anyone who wants to cut their cigars cleanly, quickly, and with little effort. It’s pretty awesome.

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