Vegas Cubanas By My Father Generosos – tasting notes.

Vega Cubanas By My Father Generosos

Artie 92 – This cigar fits somewhere between a toro and a churchill in size. It’s got a floral pre lit aroma and the cold draw foreshadows a well fermented smoking experience. The wrapper is a dark colorado, with a feel of oiled leather. This cigar lights easily and has a wide-open draw, which, in turn, facilitates a fast burn. It doesn’t take long to hit the one inch mark. This is a peppery cigar, with notes of clove and, leather. It’s got a Cuban-like quality, but with an amped up strength. The burn is dead-on, and the ash perfectly cylindrical. Mid way, this sticks picks up more strength, and a charcoal quality emerges. At the nub, this cigar tastes toasty and delicious. A great cigar if you like in your face spice and strength.

Paul 79 – Medium mottled medium brown wrapper, medium veining, multiple soft spots, light tobacco and leather cold aroma. First 1/3: Light malts and cedar flavors, excellent draw, medium amount of smoke, light grey ash, slightly uneven burn, mild retrohale, mild strength, medium body and short finish, cedar disappears quickly, a little leather surfaces, flaky ash. Second 1/3: No changes in flavor or strength, two relights. Last 1/3: Some short lived pepper, light tobacco flavor, no changes. Very simple and boring.

Will 82 – Rustic looking toro, sloppy triple cap, (in Seinfeld voice), why are these caps so sloppy?. Wrapper is reddish brown and very bumpy and veiny. Cold nose is light pepper and baking spice, nutmeg? After ignition the draw was wide open, too much so, I inspected the stick for cracks or holes but found none. This cigar had a consistent leathery char but burned very hot and got bitter at the 30 minute mark so I “Artied” it. Disappointing cigar.

Rob 91 – The stick has a mottled brown wrapper with a sloppy triple cap. It is not solid, and is relatively soft, albeit, no specific soft spots. As the cigar started, it had a nice white pepper on the retrohale. As it approached the half inch mark, the pepper increased as to coat my mouth with the tingle, which yielded a fairly long finish. This continued throughout the ensuing inch. The heat of the cherry and smoking made the stick even softer than it started. At the half way point, the flavor mild-ed out, with the white pepper still present, but a shorter finish. The burn became a bit wobbly, however, it did self-correct, and the entire smoke yielded a nice volume of smoke. From the 2/3 point to the end, the pepper continued to be present, however, did keep becoming more mild.

Jim 92 – Looks fairly well constructed with some nice light and dark patina on the wrapper. Initial light I’m getting some notes of cedar with some strong white pepper in the back of the throat on the finish. About one inch into the burn and it is starting to become buttery, creamy and way more balanced with the spice. I also picking up some toasted almond flavors. Very enjoyable at this point. Halfway through and the spice has mellowed out but is still present and even better balanced. Strength is between medium to full. Burn has been even and good draw. I am really enjoying this cigar experience because of a great balanced flavors that developed, the right amount of spice and good construction. I was really impressed with the evolution of where it started, how good it became and how it well it ended. Excellent smoke!!

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