Mombacho 10th Anniversary Magnifico – tasting notes.

Mombacho 10th Anniversary Magnifico

Artie 97 – This large toro has a dark brown, oily wrapper, and an invitingly sweet pre-lit aroma. Its cap is finished with pig tail that resembles a man-bun. A guillotine cut was clean and revealed a firm, but adequate draw. Upon lighting, the first few puffs reveal a rich umami quality that is right up my alley. Into the first inch, sweet flavors of marzipan emerge as does a soft, cake-like quality. This cigar is downright delicious. The burn is not perfect, but it tends to self-correct. This is also a densely packed cigar, with a slow burn. It doesn’t put out tons of smoke, but rather just enough to provide great flavor and a long smoking experience. The first inch took about a half an hour. Mid way, this cigar undergoes a huge flavor evolution. It gains a spicy quality, with herbal and nut tones. Finally, at the nub this cigar gets quite earthy with a dark chocolate finish. It’s been along time since I’ve smoked a cigar this good.

Will 84 – 6.5 x 56 fatty with a pigtail, Dark Colorado wrapper with prominent veins and a few small lumps, very firm and heavy. The dry nose is straight earthy tobacco with a touch of cinnamon. Dry draw is a bit tight and the spice makes me sneeze, good sign. This cigar was tough to lite, it took a good minute, lots of smoke. Cocoa powder coats my tongue and white pepper on the retro hale.  I am getting flavors of roasted gamey meat with a chocolate finish. At the 10 minute mark the cigar is blooming, I am in a light breeze but the cigar is burning horribly. I move into my garage and let it sit. After a 7 minute break the stick has become spongy. I re-lit and blow through the cigar, the flavor is still good, I am enjoying the flavor but even inside this cigar is turning into a canoe, at 45 minutes I let it go. Very disappointing, if I had purchased from a B&M I would get my money back.

Rob 78 – The wrapper has a medium dark brown and fairly oily appearance.  The fill is somewhat lumpy and very very firm.  The cap is nicely done in a pigtail.  The pre lit aroma has a slight sweet smell.  Upon lighting the stick gave of a sweet herbal note, however it did fade quickly.  As the cigar warmed the very firm pack turned somewhat mushy.  Also a fairly dry mouth feel came with every puff.  At the midpoint, most of the flavor dissipated other than a light white pepper in the retro hale.  Within two minutes, a huge change:  serious black pepper is coating my entire mouth and has a very long finish.  The balance of the stick continued with the black pepper, albeit, much more toned down, and unfortunately, the mushy feel of the stick continued to get worse as the stick continued.

Jim 82 – We have a pigtail toro here and I can clearly see the seams of the wrapper. Seems to have a little a little squish to the squeeze at the foot. Initially I’m getting a lot of cedar and a slight peppery finish. I am over an inch in and flavors totally dropped off and I’m not getting much.  I’m a good inch and a half in and as it has heated up I’m finally getting some slight earthy leather flavors. The initial spice is all gone. It’s strength is slightly above mild.  I am wanting more out of it and it just hasn’t happened yet. Burn has been uneven and I had to straighten it out.  Cigar is very mushy and seems under filled.  This cigar is just not for me.

Paul 80 – Chocolate brown wrapper with some mottling, very oily, medium veining, pigtail cap, some give in the wrapper at spots, rich tobacco and baking spice on the wrapper, cold draw deliberate with cocoa notes.  First 1/3: Cocoa, spice and leather, dry on the palate, mild plus strength, medium body, short finish, flavors begin to fade, leather remains. Second 1/3: No flavor changes, some leather, light body, short finish, mild plus strength, nothing bad but not too interesting, wrapper begins to crack and unravel, after three relights, i tossed it.  It looked attractive but it had no personality.  Disappointing.

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