Liga Undercrown Sun Grown Robusto – tasting notes.

Paul 85 – Light tan wrapper, very few veins, a few soft spots, no aroma on the wrapper, cold draw light tobacco flavor. First 1/3: Straw and dryness, mild strength, light body, and short finish, lots of smoke, light grey ash. Second 1/3: Some sweetness and straw, slightly uneven burn, good draw. Last 1/3: A little spice on the lips, no other changes, finishes mild plus strength, light body and short finish. Not too interesting.

Will 91 – Big fat robusto with a dark tan wrapper. Solidly packed with a double cap. Cold nose was hay and red pepper and elicited a single sneeze, and cold draw was horsey and red pepper. Upon ignition I got a wide open draw with lots of smoke. Initial flavor was roasted cashew and leather with lots of pepper. The finish was long and tart, like Earl Gray tea. Flavors intensified about 10 minutes in and includes salty gaminess. I like it. Very well made, ash is hanging on at 2.5 inches in a light breeze. I hope all 5 in this round are this good. At the 45 minute mark the cigar becomes hot and acrid so I let it go but thats probably my fault for hitting it to often.

Rob 86 – Stick has a beautiful mottled brown, shiny oily wrapper. Invisible seams. It is a very light weight stick, however, is very firmly packed with a single cap. The stick exhibited a perfect razor sharp burn and spot on draw throughout the smoke. It yielded notes of wood and cedar. It provided a full body experience with a long finish. Plumbs of smoke were emitted from the cigar throughout the entire smoke. It did leave a clean and dry mouth feel.

Artie 88 – This claro robusto has a toothy wrapper with some visible veins. The foot reveals some small stems, and filler that is layered rather than bunched. The cap is well made, and cuts easily. It is fairly heavy in the hand, and is densely packed, but the draw isn’t too firm. The wrapper has a nice sheen. There is only the slightest pre-lit aroma. Upon lighting, I am greeted with a grassy bitterness. An inch in, the cigar retains a vegetal quality, and the burn is uneven, requiring a major adjustment. There is also a bit of a pencil lead taste. Mid way, the flavors open up, and flavors of black tea emerge, as does a strong black pepper spice. At the nub, this cigar becomes very intense, and is a satisfying cigar. With a few years of aging, this cigar should come into its own.

Jim 83 – This light brown wrapped cigar appears well constructed with a firm amount of tobacco packed into this robusto. It took about a half an inch of burn before flavors started to come out. I’m getting some caramel, cedar and nuts with a very slight white peppery finish. Burn is very even and ash is firm with an extremely white color. To me this is medium in strength. There is a bit of harshness to the finish of this cigar hoping it will mellow and blend together better. It is leaving a bitter pencil lead aftertaste. This cigar didn’t change much, it was an OK cigar and nothing special or unique.

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