Estaban Carreras Chupacabra Maduro Corona – tasting notes.


Paul 82 – Closed foot, pigtail cap, dark maduro color wrapper, medium veins, no soft spots, rich tobacco aroma on the wrapper, dark fruit on the cold draw. First 1/3: Slight malt and spice on the lips, lots of heavy smoke that hangs in the air, mild plus strength, medium body, short finish, flaky ash, scalloped burn, not much flavor. Second 1/3: Draw very good, little flavor, ash flowering, a little bitterness. Last 1/3: Less smoke, remains mild plus strength, medium body, short finish, spice on lips comes and goes, no other flavors.

Will 86 – Corona gorda with a coiled pigtail and a shaggy foot, dark brindle brown toothy wrapper. Firm stick, cold nose is floral soap and black pepper, one sneeze. Cold draw was straight black tobacco. The very firm draw leaves a spicy, flinty mint on my tongue. Based on looks I really want to love this stick, it seems to me I have smoked this before but can’t place it. The flavor profile adds chocolate and earth about 5 minutes in. It’s a solid smoke, no wow factor but solid. At the 20 minute mark the wrapper starts to unfurl, aarrgg. The week before Christmas and the air temp is 67 degrees with 9% humidity, I’m on the patio but moving to the garage have stayed in the garage. Gummy bear to the rescue, I let it sit for 10 minutes. Blew through and re-lite, no bueno, Artied it.

Rob 84 – This is one nice looking stick. The wrapper is a beautiful oscuro brown and is extremely oily. It has a very firm pack, and flaunts a substantial pigtail cap with closed foot. There are tight invisible seams with small veins. The initial draw is rather firm, but yields plumbs of smoke. No bitterness on toasting with a nice tobacco flavor. I cannot identify and specific flavors. At the one quarter point, I am getting a mellow coffee and fudge influence with a creamy sweet smoke. However, there is not much to offer on the retrohale, albeit, still plumbs of heavy smoke. Due to its appearance and wonderful feel, I really wanted to love this stick! It performed well, and felt terrific. However, it left a lot to be desired in the flavor department. It was one dimensional and rather flat.

Artie 83 – This thin corona is almost black in color. I would bet the wrapper was treated with betume. It’s got a sweet, unlit aroma, and a cute little “man bun” for a cap. The draw is tight and the stick is rock hard. Lighting it is easy in spite of its draw, and the initial puffs are very sweet. I get marzipan, and nougat flavors to start, but with a nutty bitter almond finish. One third in, the draw has gotten quite tight, and it is hard to get enough smoke to keep it going. After struggling to keep it lit, i noticed the filler had been rolled in such a way that it created a hollow center that ran the length of the stick. I’ve never seen anything like it. Pushing onward, the hole has filled in somewhat, but the draw is awful. The filler is layered rather than bunched. It’s too bad the construction of this cigar is so poor, because it has nice flavor. But it’s impossible to adequately judge any transitions or nuances because I’m just not getting enough smoke. I’m putting it down halfway in.

Jim 93 – Very dark oscuro wrapper on this 42 by 6 inch cigar. It has a pigtail cap and a closed foot. The first draws are very distinct and flavorful. Initially black licorice and unsweetened cocoa. As it heats up, I am starting to get a slight black pepper on the finish in the back of my throat. Draw is good with only slight resistance. Burn is at a slight angel. Less than an inch in and the cigar is balancing out nicely. The cocoa flavor is now combined coffee and more of a cedar finish. it is full bodied yet has a smoothness in the overall finish and aftertaste. There is a nice richness to this flavors that I really enjoy as I progress. Ash is staying firm as hit the 1-1/2 inch point. The cigar has remained consistent until the last third where it is picking up strength. This cigar was a great experience and just really good!

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