Daniel Marshall Red Label Robusto – tasting notes.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Robusto

Artie 88 – This large corona cigar is chocolate brown in appearance with a spongy feel to it. It has a crude triple cap and its pre-lit aroma is earthy.  The cold draw is easy, with an taste of raisins. Upon ignition, the initial flavors are herbal with a raspberry tartness. The first inch is very smooth with an even burn. This cigar has a unique flavor that is hard to pin down. Mid way a licorice spice emerges. Burn is perfect with no touch ups although the ash is quite flakey. This is a very pleasant cigar that holds its flavor as it is smoked, and a minty quality builds towards the nub. This cigar does, however, get very soft and spongy as it burns. At the nub a woody character emerges. Enjoyable cigar.

Will 94 – 5.5 x 54 Busto, toothy medium brown wrapper, nice looking, dry nose is pepper with a touch more pepper, dry draw is firm with raisins, cocoa powder and pepper. I fire this bad boy up and immediately get cocoa and roasted cashews with a long sweet finish.  This cigar has a wonderful aroma of dried flowers. About 5 mins in and I am also getting mint on the finish. I let the smoke go through my nose and its all pepper.  I am really digging the flavors and the chewy consistency of this cigar, it kind of coats my mouth. At the 30 min ark I am getting sweet coffee with cream and a bit of toffee. The stick is on the medium side of strength but full bodied flavor. I nubbed this one.

Rob 90 – Pre-light had a sweet vegetal aroma, with a slightly oily brown wrapper.  The seams COMPLETELY invisible.  Nice triple cap.  On light up, a perfect draw and very smooth smoke and flavor with a creamy mouthfeel.  Significant cedar and leather on the tongue but no spice.  White pepper on the retrohale.  The personality remained the same throughout the entire stick; no significant transitions.

Jim 94 – The appearance is a very clean, neat and well rolled cigar.  I do not see any seams in the wrapper. Initial draws are nice and rich. Definitely in the medium to full range in strength.  I’m picking up this nice cedar and leather flavors with a spicy cinnamon finish. Only a half inch in and I am really liking this cigar. The burn is slightly wavy but pretty even.   I am really liking this because there is a initial smoothness to this cigar with an nice spicy finish. It is a nice balance. It only improves as I continue to the halfway mark. In the last third the spice is still there but lessened.  I really enjoyed the experience of this cigar!

Paul 94 – Rich brown wrapper with small veins, several soft spots, medium open draw, wood. Leather and barnyard on the wrapper.  First 1/3: pepper and spice, retrohale burns in nose and back of the throat, medium amount of smoke, medium strength and finish, full body, coats the mouth, scalloped burn.  Second 1/3: wood and leather with some tannins, consistent dryness on the palate, long finish, full body, medium plus strength, draw very good, nicotine is ramping up.  last 1/3: Full strength, medium body, long finish, no changes in the flavor, a touch odf sweetness.  Good flavors with a nicotine kick at the end.

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