Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2017 LC506 – tasting notes.

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL2017

Artie 95 – This small robusto has the most delicious unlit aroma. It’s sweet and floral, like a rose. It’s wrapper is quite toothy with a milk chocolate color. The cigar is a bit squishy and may be a slightly under-filled. There are some visible stems at the foot. Overall this cigar is very inviting. Its cap cuts easily and the draw is ideal. Lighting easily and burning quickly, it doesn’t take long to hit the one inch mark. So far, this cigar’s got a nice gingerbread spiciness to it, as well as a black pepper kick that tingles the tongue. Mid way, the spice picks up and this cigars gets more floral as well. This stick has a lot going for it. The burn is dead even, the draw perfect, and it has plenty of oomph to keep a smoker satisfied. This is a full strength powerhouse. At the nub this cigar stays smooth, spicy, and full of tobacco goodness. It’s a winner.

Paul 91 – Medium chocolate brown wrapper, minimal veins, very smooth, solid feel, lots of glue all over the cap, light tobacco aroma, excellent draw, counted 14 stems in the cut foot. First 1/3: Excellent aroma, lots of smoke, leather, nuts, sweetness, white pepper on the retrohale, medium strength and body, very light grey ash with dark stripes, even burn, sweetness fades, leather increases with some floral notes, tap off the 1″ + solid ash. Second 1/3: Less leather, more floral, umami notes, strength and body remain medium, lots of smoke, medium finish, tap off another solid ash 1″ +. Last 1/3: sweetness returns with floral notes, leather increases, pepper tingling on the lips, no harshness. Not overly complex, but more than enough to hold your interest. Very enjoyable.

Will 89 – Good looking little robusto with chocolate wrapper, hard as a rock, sloppy 3 seam cap. Cold nose was white pepper and cold draw was black pepper and dried fruit. Upon ignition not as spicy as expected. Got flavors of roasted game like elk but the finish was long and sweet like marzipan. Copious amounts of smoke. Solid flavor with barley malt creeping in on the sweet finish at bout the halfway point, smoking very well. Consistent flavor with salty leather becoming the predominant flavor halfway and the sweetness tones down. Enjoyed it and nubbed it.

Rob 89 – Stick had a nice smooth oily chocolate brown wrapper. Very tight invisible seams. It was thinly triple capped. The cigar started with a warm plentiful smoke, however, was on the bitter side. Once the ‘sweet spot’ had been reached, the stick changed to a very creamy smoke with no bitterness. The very heavy smoke provided a general tobacco flavor with a residual black pepper on the finish. The cigar provided a very nice mouth feel. As it progressed, it yielded a strong bittersweet chocolate/espresso flavor, which again, leaned towards the bitter side.

Jim 89 – Nice rich brown oily wrapper but I find it interesting that the cap is a different color. After light up, I’m getting some strong flavors of espresso, dark cocoa and leather. I’m also getting some very strong peppery spice on the back of my throat. It’s early and very apparent that this is going be a more full strength cigar. To me the initial spice had been a little too strong and distracting to the other flavors. However as I am about one inch into the burn, the spice has begun to lessen and overall it is now more balanced. I’m now picking up some hazelnut flavor in the mix. This cigar started out strong but halfway through it has really mellowed out. It’s flavors are still rich but the spice is only slight now on the finish. That strong espresso flavor in the beginning is now the dominate flavor. Draw has been really excellent with ample smoke throughout. It has burned relatively straight. Flavors were too strong in the beginning but this transitioned into a very good cigar. If you like a very full cigar with rich strong flavors, it may be the cigar for you. Pair this cigar with a pint of Guinness and you will have great combination of complimenting flavors. 

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