CAO Colombia Tinto Robusto – tasting notes.

CAO Colombia Tinto Robusto

Artie 87 – This fat robusto has a silky smooth, tan wrapper. Its triple cap cuts easily and the pre-lit tobacco has a pencil lead taste. The foot shows a fair number of stems. Upon ignition, the draw is easy, producing abundant smoke. The first half inch reveals a slightly bitter sweetness, with a pine wood character. The burn is a bit wavey, and needs some slight touch ups. Into the second half, a peat earthiness starts to emerge. A leather presence starts to make itself known at the mid way point. Approaching the nub, surprisingly, this cigar starts to get sweeter. This is a mild cigar with enough flavor to stay interesting to the end.

Rob 97 – The stick flaunts a smooth, oily chocolate brown wrapper. Surprisingly, it is capped with a very sloppy multiple layered cap. It has very tight, invisible seams. The initial flavor profile is nice and mild. There is a slight black pepper on the tongue with some nuts on the palate. There is a load of smoke with a very solid grey ash, which wanted to hold on to accomodate me until I was ready to tap it off. The smoke was quite creamy and gentle. By the ‘sweet spot’ the stick was providing a baking spice, on both the palate and retro-hale. The stick’s burn was razor sharp and needed no touch-up’s throughout the smoke. I found the flavor delicious all the way to the end, which at one inch got a bit warm. I was reminded of a Habano flavor throughout the smoking experience.

Will 88 – Nice looking robusto, light brown wrapper. Cold nose was white pepper, cold draw was the same. Upon ignition I got lots of different flavors, dried fruit with red pepper and the finish was lemon zest and almonds. Flavors were pretty consistent during the first 30 minutes, smoke was chewy and really coated my mouth. Solid medium body and strength and I start getting some dark roast coffee at the halfway point. At 45 minutes the cigar became beyond bitter (do I smoke too fast?) so I let it go. No wow factor.

Paul 84 – Medium brown wrapper with some mottling, medium sized veins, solid feel, no soft spots. Rich tobacco aroma on the wrapper, barnyard aroma at the cut head. 1st 1/3: Starts with milk chocolate and coffee, creamy, bread dough flavors. 1/8″ in the wrapper splits 1″. Mild strength and light body, medium amount of smoke, solid light grey ash, very good draw. Coffee notes disappear. Scalloped burn line, the wrapper continues to crack at the burn line and 1″ below. Ash drops at 1″ plus. 2nd 1/3: Wrapper crack continues to follow the burn line, strength and retrohale remain mild, floral notes, still creamy, short finish, light body. Last 1/3: Flavors muted, mild strength, some floral notes on the retrohale. The wrapper starts to explode, burn very uneven, little flavor left, it is finished. Overall mild, but some good flavors in the first two 1/3s.All of it is overshadowed by the construction issues.

Jim 88 – This cigar appears to have some very distinct veins on the length of the cigar wrapper. Very smooth draw of creamy smoke on initial light. No distinct flavors until about 1/2 inch when it starts to heat up. I’m picking up some leather with a just a hint of cinnamon on the finish. Burn is uneven but manageable and ash is very firm. Halfway through I’m picking up some unsweetened cocoa and gains as I progress. It is a nice subtle blend of flavors with a smooth creaminess. Very medium in strength. I normally lean to a bit stronger cigar yet I’m enjoying the experience.

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