Cain F Habano Robusto – tasting notes.

Cain F Habano Robusto

Rob 89 – Beautiful oily mottled brown silky wrapper. It has a huge double cap. On the light a heavy bittersweet chocolate flavor. The stick provided plentiful smoke output. It came with a very nice baking spice through the retro-hale. At the end of the first third, the bittersweet had shifted to milk chocolate. I did have to make a mid smoke correction to the burn, as it was rather squiggly. The final third still produced a significant amount of chocolate, however, at one inch, the stick turned past the bittersweet to just bitter, and the balance of the stick was ‘Artied’ (put down unfinished).

Will 84 – Rustic looking toro, 2 seam cap seamed to be a different tobacco than the rest of the wrapper, it was 3 shades lighter, very strange. Wrapper leaf is very veiny. Cold nose was very peppery, made me sneeze. Cold draw was leather. Once lit I got roasted peanuts and salty leather, at the 20 minute mark I got black cherry char and toffee. Not a bad cigar but I lost interest early, the cigars finish reminded me of a chocolate Necco wafer. Solid average, no wow factor. Much to mild for my taste buds.

Paul 81 – Medium brown wrapper with medium veins, some tooth on the wrapper, minimal tobacco aroma on the wrapper, some dark fruit on the cold draw. First 1/3: Malt and dark fruit, lots of smoke, medium strength, body and finish. Perfect resistance on the draw. Cigar continues to smoke sitting in the ashtray. Sharp burn line, pepper on the retrohale, dark fruit disappears and sour notes appear with an off aftertaste. Second 1/3: Flavors become muddled, off tastes coat the mouth, sharp burn line, harshness in the back of the throat. Medium plus strength. Last 1/3: Dark fruit reappears, but off flavors persist, medium body , burn begins to scallop. Improved some at the end, but harsh on the retrohale.  

Jim 84 – The wrapper is showing some imperfections. A few blemishes and it seems to be slightly lifting at a couple places. The cigar itself has some nice earthy smell to it. After lighting, I am getting some slight notes of cedar but nothing else. About an inch in on the burn and I am finally starting to get some distinct flavors. I am still initially picking up the cedar but tasting a unsweetened cocoa and a lot for earth flavors. I am getting no spice. Burn is very even and ash is firm. The draw was very good. Overall I feel this is missing something in the balance of flavors. It also really dried my palate throughout the experience.

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