Avo Syncro South America Ritmo Toro – tasting notes.

Avo Syncro Ritmo Toro

Rob 99 – This is a smooth chocolate brown box pressed stick. It has very tiny veins and as firmly packed. A very good double capped head. The cigar starts out very creamy, with a luscious milk chocolate flavor. As the stick progressed, the flavor profile remained very smooth, and exhibited a umami goodness; almost as good as eating food. At the half way point, the smoothness continued with a nice medium length finish. It had a perfect, razor sharp burn throughout the entire smoke. It did start to get a bit warm with one inch left, which meant it was time to complete the smoking experience.

Paul 91 – Box pressed, milk chocolate color wrapper, small veins, some color variation, consistent give up and down the cigar, mild tobacco cold aroma, good draw, little cold draw flavor. 1st 1/3: Medium amount of thin smoke, straw notes and mint, ash drops at 1/8″, wavy burn line, dark gray ash, mild plus strength, light body, mild retrohale with malt flavors, smoke thickens. 2nd 1/3: Medium strength, body and finish, flaky ash, more mint notes, spearmint and menthol, good draw, a little leather. Last 1/3: Mint flavors move in and out and mix with leather, menthol, slight burn at the back of the throat, medium strength, body and finish. Very different flavors. If you like mint, this one is for you.

Will 84 – Big box pressed/oval cigar. When I received this cigar it had one small tear in the wrapper where the shoulder met the cap. When I took it out of my humi a few weeks later it had numerous wrapper tears. After consulting Robusto Joe I decided to seal the tears with out using different wrapper leaf and see if I could smoke it. I used my go to procedure of a wet gummy bear on a toothpick. I sealed the tears, let them dry for 10 minutes and repeated the process. About an hour later I punched the cap and sparked it up. I used a pale yellow gummy bear which I think is either lemon or pineapple flavored. All things considered this cigar smoked pretty well, it had an oaky earthy flavor with a bit of citrus on the finish which I attribute to the gummy. I want to smoke another of these. This stick got hot, squishy and bitter at the 45 minute mark so I parted ways with it.

Artie 92 – This box pressed toro is light brown in color, with a smooth wrapper that has the feel of ultraswede. It’s a spongy cigar and feels a bit under-filled. The cap collapsed under the pressure of the guillotine cutter. A glance at the foot reveals no stems at all, just luscious tobacco leaf “filets”, and good random bunching. Upon lighting, the cigar burns quickly, with abundant smoke. My first impression is that of super smooth creaminess, with a sweetened cappuccino tone. The ash is very flakey, and falls of without provocation. Mid way through, the cigar gets very squishy, and the wrapper has cracked but not unraveled. The burn has been even, but the ash wants to fall in my lap. There is a nice flavor evolution here, with a roasted hazelnut finish. Notes of honey are present, and the creaminess continues unabated. At the nub, roasted nuts predominate, and a spicier, cinnamon flavor emerges. This cigar tastes great, is super smooth and creamy, but the ash issue and lack of firmness will compromise my overall score.

Jim 83 – Medium brown in color, box pressed Toro. Billowing smoke and good draw on the initial light. Initially I’m getting flavors of leather, dried fruit and lots of cedar with a very slight peppery spice on the finish. Burn is very even. The first half of this cigar has been ok but nothing really exciting. Halfway through and its starting to come together with some flavor transition. I’m now getting more of a baking spice and cinnamon finish flavor combination. The cedar flavor was very dominate in the first half and it has nearly gone away. I’m finding this to more enjoyable now. As I get into the last third it’s starting to get a bit sour. This cigar had some promise but ended up just be average at best.  

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