5 Vegas Limitada 2016 Belicoso – tasting notes.

5 Vegas Limitada 2016 Belicoso

Artie 85 – This belicoso has a slightly toothy wrapper, with a café au lait color. My stick got a split wrapper during storage, but it was small enough to not effect its performance. Its pointy cap cut easily with a guillotine and did not unwind. The pre-lit aroma was mild and a bit tart. Upon lighting, the initial flavors are mineral with a hint of black pepper. Into the first third, a floral quality emerges with a predominantly lavender tone. The burn is dead even with a perfectly cylindrical ash. Midway, the pepper quality increases but the flavors never build. This cigar is very mild, and lacks oomph. The flavors are slight, with wood tones. I smoked it to the nub as it was not an unpleasant experience, but overall, this cigar lacked character and was disappointing.

Rob 86 – Stick seems to have a very thin wrapper. Lit without any problems, and burn throughout the stick was consistent and straight. The draw was also very nice, and was consistent throughout. Initial flavor was very bitter upon light through first 1/4 inch and coated my mouth thoroughly. However, the flavor mellowed out fairly quickly with a nice smoke output throughout the session. The ash was very solid and a dull cream. It held in 1 1/2 inch chunks, and only fell when tapped into the ashtray. The flavor was consistent and was mainly a tobacco taste, with a slight sweetness in the background. Medium finish lasted on the palate.

Will 88 – Good looking torpedo, a few prominent veins, dense and heavy in the hand. Cold nose was sweet and spicy, only clipped an1/8 inch and the wrapper cracked, did a quick repair with a wet gummy bear, (they work great). Dry draw had a “barnyard” taste. Upon ignition I get very cubanesque flavor, very tangy with a mineral finish and notes of sorghum syrup. At about 3 minutes in I am getting roasted hazelnuts and buttered toast, a very lush draw and loads of smoke. Solid medium body and medium strength. Flavors consistent but at the 30 minute mark the wrapper starts cracking.ARGGG. Another gummy touch up. At this point the 1.5 ash fell away and I could see a big tunnel inside this stick. I let it sit for 5 mins and then applied my single torch, at this point I was getting roasted meat and sweet molasses but in another 5 minutes it started burning hot and oozing nicotine. Let it go. I liked this cigar but it was poorly constructed. The suspense is killing me. What was this?

Paul 92 – Light brown dry looking wrapper, soft in places, minimal veining, very light tobacco aroma on the wrapper and cold draw. Draw a little loose. First 1/3: Light tobacco with some oak and spice, pepper on the retrohale. Medium strength and body, nice finish, lots of smoke. Pepper increases and tingles the on the lips and tongue, even burn line, pepper lessens except on the retro hale. Second 1/3: Stone fruit short lived, good balance of pepper, leather and tobacco. Medium strength and body. Last 1/3: The cigar is hitting its stride. Pepper and leather dominate with oak and stone fruit moving forward and back. Lots of pepper on the retrohale. Proceed with caution. Good balance. Very good progression of flavors. 

Jim 89 – A very veiny wrapped torpedo with a nice barnyard smell from the foot. First initial draws are smooth and creamy with an extremely light peppery finish. Initially I’m getting a lot of fresh leather and earthy profile. As it heats up, the peppery finish is more predominate. Over an inch in and burn is slight wavy but relatively straight. I am starting to get some nut and cedar flavors mixed into the flavor combinations. The initial intense leather has mellowed out. It is really balancing out nicely. it is slightly above a medium in strength. As I got passed the middle point the cigar really mellowed out. Pepper dropped off almost completely. All in all a pretty descent smoke.

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